28 Fall Fashion Pieces We're Buying Based on What We Love - Not the Trend Cycle

Sarah Wasilak

We're committed to shopping for items that speak to our personal style, perhaps now more than ever thanks to our time in lockdown, where we've reevaluated the way we relate to our wardrobes. We're no longer willing to invest in trend pieces just because we spot them on the runways. If we're going for a look that's trickled down from luxury fashion houses, it's because we actually like it (and probably because we've also found it on sale!).

That's how Dana feels about her slouchy, deconstructed denim, and how I feel about my breezy nap dresses that I'm still shopping for fall, despite the dropping temperature outside. The truth is, I'm dressing for the here and now - with the "here" being my home, since it's where I plan on spending most of my time this October.

My fellow colleagues Hannah, Nikita, Yerin, Melissa, and Natasha are just like me and Dana, naming the items that have become essentials in their closets this season - even if they're not "on trend." We think you'll find a piece or two that speaks to your current mood, no matter who you are and how you define your style. Keep reading to get inspired by the way we're shopping, and feel free to hop on any of our bandwagons.

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