The 21 Best Slippers and House Shoes, According to Podiatrist Guidelines

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If you're working out or standing all day at work, your feet can certainly take a beating — which makes it more important than ever to invest in a comfortable pair of slippers that will support you and help your body to recover. And if you're working from home, you might be looking for the perfect house shoe to help to absorb shock from walking on hard, flat floors that won't leave your feet sweating like crazy during summer or cold during winter.

But, if your current at-home shoe choice is no shoes at all, you might want to rethink your barefoot preference. "You want to always wear slippers in the house," says New York City-based podiatrist Hillary Brenner, D.P.M. When you wear a supportive pair of slippers, they can help with shock absorption on hard surfaces, including wood floors, tile, and marble, to reduce strain on your joints, she explains. What's more, house shoes protect your feet from potential forgeign objects such as splinters and glass. "It is especially important for people with diabetes [specifically diabetic patients with neuropathy] to wear slippers as they can step on a foreign object and not even know."

And just like with your dress shoes and sneakers, there are side effects of wearing ill-fitting slippers. When shopping for a slipper for women, you want to look for qualities such as a platform base, deep heel cup for stability, good arch support to reduce foot pain that comes with conditions such as plantar fasciitis, and a firm yet flexible midsole to help with balance, advises Dr. Brenner. "If you wear flimsy slippers that don't fit properly, the opposite can happen — for example, instability, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, and irritation of bunion and hammertoes," she warns. (Related: The 10 Best Sneakers for Standing All Day, According to Podiatrists)

These are the best slippers and house shoes, according to podiatrist guidelines:

As for material, there are so many textures and materials to choose from: cozy fleece and shearling, soft memory foam, odor-resistant wool, and more. With that in mind, Dr. Brenner suggests soft, breathable constructions such as cotton and linen. In addition, be on the lookout for foam soles or thermoplastic rubber outsoles, she adds. Rubber outsoles are durable, shock absorbing, and waterproof or water resistant for better traction on hard surfaces. Plus, you can wear the slippers outdoors in a pinch if you need to grab the mail, walk your dog, or run a quick errand.

With so many slipper styles on the market, it can be tough to choose. If you can't decide between a slipper with a back versus one that is backless, Dr. Brenner says it's just about personal preference. Although for people with Haglund's deformity (a bump at the back of the heel), Dr. Brenner recommends wearing an open-back slipper to decrease the risk of rubbing and irritation. When stuck between an enclosed slipper or a sandal version, choose open-toe for more breathability if you live in a warmer climate or tend to overheat.

Ready to abandon your barefoot life and invest in a pair of slippers to promote healthy feet? Whether you work from home or are stuck inside due to a winter blizzard or to avoid heatstroke in the summer, these are the best slippers and house shoes that offer everyday support. (Related: Foot-Care Products and Creams Podiatrists Use On Themselves)

Best with Arch Support: Birkenstock Boston Shearling Clogs

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Your Feet Will Love: When on the hunt for the best slipper with arch support, don't overlook podiatrist-approved Birkenstocks. These clogs feature the brand's signature cork latex footbed, a soft suede upper, and a shearling footbed and lined strap to keep your feet toasty. Just like other Birkenstock classics, the great thing about these house shoes is that they help you stay comfortable for hours on end thanks to a deep heel cup, arch support, and toe grip (raised indentations at the front of the footbed near the toes) so toes can spread out in their natural position. (Related: The 11 Best Support Sneakers for Your Arches)

What Customers Say: One shopper, who shared that they use their Birkenstocks primarily as slippers, said they have "great arch support" and warm shearling lining to boot. They added that these are their second pair after it took them "four years of almost daily use" to wear out the first.

Keep In Mind: Some shoppers noted this model runs small, so to go up a size.

Buy It: Birkenstock Boston Shearling Clogs, from $99, amazon,, and

Best for Plantar Fasciitis: Vionic Relax

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Your Feet Will Love: If you're familiar with Vionic, you've probably caught wind that the brand is one of Oprah's favorites for comfy footwear — which makes sense, as its shoes are designed with the help of podiatrists. This sandal-slipper has a built-in orthotic footbed, adjustable straps, and an EVA midsole that all work together to minimize stress on your feet, ankles, and knees while reducing foot fatigue from walking on hard, flat floors — making it a perfect house shoe or slipper for people on their feet a lot. Bonus: They'll never get stinky since the terry cloth footbed is anti-bacterial and odor-resistant. Buyers with foot and joint issues especially love them because they help relieve pain from plantar fasciitis and knee problems. (Related: The Best Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis, According to Podiatrist Guidelines)

What Customers Say: A reviewer, who has collected up to five pairs of these slippers over the years, said they "wear them all the time" because they don't like walking barefoot with plantar fasciitis. They also noted that they suffered from "severe back pain" prior to owning these, but now that they wear these indoors, they don't have that issue anymore.

Keep In Mind: Reviewers mentioned they can be difficult to clean since you can't submerge them in water.

Buy It: Vionic Relax, $70, and

Best Memory Foam: Ultraideas Memory Foam Slippers

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Your Feet Will Love: With more than 40,500 five-star ratings, you can't go wrong with these memory foam slippers. Constructed with a warm fleece lining and a high-density memory foam insole, this house shoe molds to your feet and keeps you comfy and supported — even if the only walking you're doing is from the bed to your couch. However, the rubber outsole is perfect for slippery floors and allows you to use them moderately outdoors if you need to pick up the mail or water your outdoor plants. As an added bonus, you can machine wash these slippers for easy care. (Related: The 10 Best Cushioned Running Shoes for Women, According to Podiatrist Guidelines)

What Customers Say: A buyer shared their love for these slippers, raving that they are warm and "so comfortable with the memory foam." As an added bonus, they pointed out that the house shoes have a thick, rubber sole, which prevents them from slipping on slick tile or hardwood floors.

Keep In Mind: According to the brand, these may feel snug at first, but they will stretch to a customized fit after wearing them for a bit.

Buy It: Ultraideas Memory Foam Slipper, from $22,

Best Uggs: Ugg Tasman Slippers

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Your Feet Will Love: Perfect for cooler weather, this best-selling Ugg is one of Amazon's most-wished-for house slippers, and with nearly 14,000 five-star ratings, it's easy to see why. The Ugg slippers are made of soft suede, lined with decadent sheepskin and upcycled wool, and have a lightweight platform (so won't feel clunky) and an embroidered braid across the top to add extra style. What's more, they feature the brand's trademarked cushioning and traction for a lightweight yet durable sole. Bonus: The Tasman slippers have the same outsole as the brand's Classic Boot, so you can wear them indoors and outside. (Related: Jennifer Aniston Just Wore the Cozy Footwear Brand Celebs Can't Get Enough of)

What Customers Say: A shopper who suffers from Raynaud's syndrome (where parts of your body feel numb or cold in response to stress or chilly temperatures) said these are a "nice alternative" to wearing full-on Uggs in the house. The slippers have become their "go-to winter house shoes" due to the cozy, real sheep's wool lining and rugged soles that allow them to run to the mailbox without fear of slipping.

Keep In Mind: They have a pretty snug fit, but they'll loosen up a bit as you wear them, according to shoppers. But, if you plan to wear them with socks or have wide feet, size up.

Buy It: Ugg Tasman Slippers, from $80, and

Best Shearling: Olukai Kipea Heu Genuine Shearling Slide Sandal

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Your Feet Will Love: Who would have thought you could score a super cozy slipper from a shoe brand that hails from Hawaii? This Olukai sandal has soft shearling-wrapped straps for a comfy fit, a supportive platform, a footbed with foam underlay and shearling cover for cushioning, and a non-marking, grippy rubber outsole for added traction on wet or slick surfaces. Not to mention, the outsole features a tropical design of island flora for a mood boost during winter. (Related: Nordstrom Shoppers Are Freaking Out About These Impossibly Comfortable Flip-Flops)

What Customers Say: One reviewer claimed these to be "the most comfortable slippers'' they've ever had. And despite being fully covered in shearling, these sandals don't make their feet sweat.

Keep In Mind: The sandal style leaves your feet open to the elements, so might not be ideal for snowy winters, but owners in warm climates love them for added airflow.

Buy It: Olukai Kipea Heu Genuine Shearling Slide Sandal, $100,

Best Fleece: Nike Burrow Slipper

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Your Feet Will Love: If you're in the market for something sporty yet comfortable, check out these slippers from Nike. They are lined with cozy fleece, have a soft foam midsole that feels like stepping into a marshmallow, and feature an anti-slip outsole with traction pattern for outside wear. Plus, the zipper pocket on the top lets you stash small items such as keys or cash if you're heading out to walk the dog or make a grocery store run and don't want to carry a purse. (Related: These $12 Slip-On Sneakers Are About to Become the Comfiest Shoes You Own)

What Customers Say: One new mom reported that these comfortable and supportive slippers "run true to size and feel like you're walking on memory foam." The fleece interior kept their feet warm in their cooler-climate hometown and the "marshmallow foam soal is by far the best thing about this slipper," they added.

Keep In Mind: Reviewers noted that they are not machine washable, which could make cleaning them a bit of a hassle.

Buy It: Nike Burrow Slipper, from $55, and

Best Wool: Merrell Juno Wool Clog

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​​Your Feet Will Love: This slip-on features a cozy wool upper and fleece lining and also has the brand's signature active footbed that supports your feet and provides all-day comfort. The clog is way more fashion-forward than other slippers out there, which means you can also sport it outside on walks with your dog or just hanging on your deck or patio. Pick from earthy tones including olive, black, and moonrock (a tan color) or go with the blanket design for a more colorful look. (Related: The Best Wool Socks for Perpetually Cold Toes)

What Customers Say: A buyer from Ontario said that apart from loving the wool top of these slippers against their bare feet, they also appreciated the grippy soles and that they were "comfortable right out of the box," which has resulted in them wearing the slide slippers every day since they got them.

Keep In Mind: Shoppers recommended sizing up.

Buy It: Merrell Juno Wool Clog, from $48,,, and

Best Mule: Minnetonka Chesney Mule Slipper

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Your Feet Will Love: These fuzzy backless mule slippers basically look like Ugg slippers at a fraction of the price. They have a suede exterior with stylish stitching on the top, fur collar, thick, flexible soles, and a rubber outsole with grippy traction to support you on wet or slippery surfaces. Plus, they are easy to slip on and off and can take you from bumming around the house to grabbing coffee with friends. (Related: Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Lopez, and More Celebs Love This Super Comfy Shoe Brand That's Perfect for Winter)

What Customers Say: One shopper raved that these mule slippers "are the perfect fit, and the squish and softness is just to die for!" Besides being warm and lightweight, they also noted that these actually "stay on your feet and don't slide off," unlike other mule styles out there.

Keep In Mind: Some reviewers said the inside label is bothersome, so one buyer suggested affixing a clear band-aid to it, and voilà.

Buy It: Minnetonka Chesney Mule Slipper, from $40, and

Best Moccasin: L.L. Bean Women's Wicked Good Moccasins

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Your Feet Will Love: Believe it or not, this moccasin slipper from heritage brand L.L. Bean is so popular, one pair sells every seven seconds during peak winter in December. Even better? More than four million pairs have been sold in the last five years, so you know there are some satisfied customers. Made with soft sheepskin, the moccasins feature a warm shearling lining that wicks moisture away from feet (customers swear they keep feet comfy and dry), plush EVA memory foam insole, and a durable outsole for cushion on hard or slippery floors.

What Customers Say: Tons of reviewers love these moccasin slippers for being comfy and cushy, but one, in particular, mentioned that the "ankle wrap keeps out the cold," while they are "great at wicking moisture too."

Keep In Mind: The brand advises to order up if you happen to be a half size.

Buy It: L.L. Bean Women's Wicked Good Moccasins, $79,

Best Open-Toe: Sollbeam Fuzzy House Slippers

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Your Feet Will Love: This platform sandal-slipper delivers style and comfort, thanks to arch support, a deep heel cup (which helps cradle your foot if walking long distances or standing all day), and a furry material that's soft against your skin. And because they're indoor- and outdoor-friendly, these slippers are machine-washable, making cleaning them a breeze. Just because they're cheap doesn't mean they're not healthy for your feet: Shoppers with foot issues (such as arthritis, bunions, and plantar fasciitis) said they exceed expectations, and that they even seem to be an excellent, affordable dupe for Vionic's Relax slippers (mentioned earlier in this list) and offer great support at a fraction of the price.

What Customers Say: A buyer with "problem feet" consisting of "arthritis, plantar fasciitis, bunions, [and] neuromas," said these slippers have perfect arch support, along with other "good features" like an adjustable width strap, furry softness, and a durable sole.

Keep In Mind: Shoppers note that the footbed can be slippery given the fuzzy texture.

Buy It: Sollbeam Fuzzy House Slippers, from $20,

Best Closed-Back: Dearfoams Rebecca Microfiber Velour Slipper

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Your Feet Will Love: This luxurious velour loafer has a multi-density cushioned insole with memory foam for comfort, an enclosed back for security, and grippy treads to prevent slippage. The embroidered detailing on the top is a pretty addition even if you're just wearing them indoors, while the rubber sole allows you to venture outside in them, too. A reviewer was astounded that you get an amazing house slipper at such a cheap price point, and said that she refuses to take them off.

What Customers Say: One shopper with wood floors said these slipper flats beat walking around barefoot, especially in winter. They prefer styles with backs so that their slippers "don't easily fly off" their feet when walking around, and these satisfy that criteria — and then some. The soles are also "nice and thick so you don't feel every little thing you step on," they added.

Keep In Mind: Many owners said the slipper runs small, so size up.

Buy It: Dearfoams Rebecca Microfiber Velour Slipper, from $15,

Best Convertible-Heel: Toms Ezra Slipper

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Your Feet Will Love: Designed with a recycled polyester blend upper made from post-consumer plastic bottles, this cute slip-on slipper also has a built-in EVA insole and rubber outsole with grippy tread to keep you from slipping on hardwood floors, tile, and stairs. But what makes these slippers so different from other pairs is the convertible heel, signature to Toms. You can slip into them easily like a pair of mules (and wear the heel down if you have heel irritation or Haglund's deformity, as Dr. Brenner mentioned) or wear the heel up for added warmth and a more secure fit. Choose from various versions with waffle or faux shearling exteriors based on your personal style preference.

What Customers Say: One Ugg loyalist of 15 years wrote this pair of Toms is much cuter and keeps their feet warmer, plus they love the convertible heel option. They've purchased three pairs already, thanks to the affordable price tag, and called them their "new faves and go-to slippers."

Keep In Mind: While the brand states that Toms run true to size, if you fall between sizes, go with the smaller one since Toms will stretch out slightly as you break them in.

Buy It: Toms Ezra Slipper, $60,,, and

Best Slipper Socks: Bombas Jacquard Knit Grip Slipper

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Your Feet Will Love: If you're a fan of wearing cozy house socks around the home, but hate the slip factor, then you'll adore this sock-slipper hybrid. Made of a breathable blend of cotton and wool, these slipper socks have a brushed lining on the inside for warmth and special grippy dots on the bottom (much like this pair of editor-loved toe socks for at-home workouts and barre class) to keep you from sliding on hard surfaces. You'll love the bold jacquard pattern, and unlike other options that made this list, this pair is machine washable and folds flat for easy packing, making it ideal for travel. (Related: The Best Athletic Socks, According to Customer Reviews)

What Customers Say: One reviewer shared that they were "pleased with the non-slip soles, warm, slightly cushy insides, and attractive appearance" of these Bombas sock slippers.

Keep In Mind: Some highlighted that the bottom grips wear out sooner than expected, but they loved the slippers so much, they ordered two more pairs as replacements.

Buy It: Bombas Jacquard Knit Grip Slipper, $42, and

Best Slipper Boots: Sorel Nakiska Bootie Slipper

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Your Feet Will Love: While it might closely resemble the winter footwear in your closet, Sorel's bootie acts as both a boot and a slipper, which makes it worth the price tag. You'll stay toasty, comfortable, and supported all day thanks to the leather exterior, plush faux fur lining, incredibly soft footbed, and anti-slip rubber platform outsole, which makes this slipper boot great for transitioning from the couch to the neighborhood sidewalk.

What Customers Say: A buyer, who has put multiple styles of Sorel slippers to the test, wrote that these are the "best so far." They complimented the arch support, warmth, and comfortability, adding that they "hate taking them off." What's more, the user noted that they have "fallen arches, Renaud's [syndrome], bunions, and plantar fasciitis," and these slippers offer awesome all-day support.

Keep In Mind: They only come in two colors, black and camel brown, so while they will go with everything in your wardrobe, they are fairly understated — perfect for minimalists.

Buy It: Sorel Nakiska Bootie Slipper, from $68, and

Best Insulated: The North Face Women's Thermoball Traction Mule V

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Your Feet Will Love: Combining The North Face's Thermoball Eco insulation (a synthetic alternative to down) with a durable rubber sole with reliable traction, this sleeping-bag-looking slipper is ideal for everything from après ski to your morning coffee run — even when temperatures plummet to freezing. It features a fleece collar lining that won't irritate skin, collapsible heel with elastic to keep it securely in place, and a water-repellent ripstop upper to protect your feet from the elements. (Related: The 8 Best Women's Snow Pants for Every Budget, Style, and Skill Level)

What Customers Say: A traveler, whose luggage didn't make it with them to the Arctic Circle, said that they were lucky to be wearing these slipper shoes. They held up in negative 25 degree-temperatures, were warm enough when standing on a frozen lake for hours to glimpse the northern lights, and proved to be comfortable walking more than 5 miles daily on their trip.

Keep In Mind: Some reviewers report that the elastic around the heel is a little tight for those with high arches.

Buy It: The North Face Women's Thermoball Traction Mule V, from $55, and

Best for Hot Feet: Crocs Classic Clog

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Your Feet Will Love: Made with the brand's signature Croslite foam, these clogs are incredibly lightweight and cushy, and the perforations help ventilate so your feet don't get too sweaty in the summer. They can be worn indoors and outdoors (think: gardening, at the beach, running errands, etc), and the sturdy outsole guarantees you won't slip even when it's wet outside. Choose from 20 bold shades that are bound to liven up your stay-at-home sweatpant situation, or go with the toasty lined version if you're more of a cold-natured person.

What Customers Say: One Amazon customer said they are so comfortable that "they are like walking on a bag of marshmallows," while another pointed out the "crocs design allows for maximum ventilation for your feet to get air" and that they also use them as shower shoes (pro tip for gym goers).

Keep In Mind: They might not be the most fashionable choice on the list (although wearing them ironically seems to be cool these days), and shoppers recommend sizing up if you plan to wear the heel strap down.

Buy It: Crocs Classic Clog, from $23,,, and

Best for Outdoors: Teva ReEmber Moc

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Your Feet Will Love: Wear these incredibly comfortable slippers around the house, campsite, or while bopping around town during your next ski trip. They have a cushioned footbed and lightweight midsole for comfort, plus a lugged, rubber outsole that provides traction even on snowy or icy terrain. A ripstop upper keeps you protected while adventuring, and a special coating repels water for misty mornings walking the dog or when you get caught in an unexpected light rain. And the slippers have an antimicrobial treatment to help reduce foot odor, so you don't have to worry about side-eye from fellow campers around the fire after a long day hiking.

What Customers Say: A shopper, who lives in Montana, loves these indoor-outdoor slippers for house wear and walking the dogs in their yard. While they don't wear them when conditions are wet and muddy, they noted that they are "perfect for winter jaunts outside" and "do great in cold conditions and snow."

Keep In Mind: One shopper said the collar of the slipper is loose fitting, which causes their foot to slip a bit.

Buy It: Teva ReEmber Moc, from $64, and

Best Recovery Slippers: Oofos Unisex OOriginal

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Your Feet Will Love: This sandal — for both men and women — is designed specifically for workout recovery, making it ideal to slip on after a long run or an at-home workout. It has a special foam technology that absorbs 37 percent more impact than traditional footwear foam and an insanely comfortable footbed that supports your arches while reducing stress on your joints (so it's also a great pick for those on their feet all day long). Teachers, restaurant workers, and healthcare professionals have all given these their stamp of approval, saying they are like "walking on marshmallows" and help to alleviate painful plantar fasciitis. (Related: These Women's Slide Sandals Are Made for Exercise Recovery)

What Customers Say: One reviewer, who shared they are a cancer survivor and have arthritis and neuropathy in their feet, said that these sandals have replaced their slippers and flip flops, as they hurt their feet now. Recommending them for anyone with foot pain, the shopper went on to say that this pair is "very soft and cushiony, has great arch support, and it helps me to walk heel [to] toe." They added that these provide stability and feel better for their body, overall.

Keep In Mind: Despite the sturdy construction, some reported that the strap started ripping for them after several months of wear.

Buy It: Oofos Unisex OOriginal, from $35,

Best Sustainable: Terrelique Relaxation Slips

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Your Feet Will Love: These comfy slippers are created by women-owned-and-operated lifestyle brand Terrelique. The unique design is intended to massage feet while you wear them, and the fact that they are infused with peppermint oil makes them ultra-relaxing. If you aim to support small, sustainable businesses, these are made from recycled plastic in a family-owned factory in Turkey. To clean, simply machine wash or wipe them. They have a history of selling out (in fact, they've gone out of stock seven times), so grab them while you can. (Related: Need New Leggings? Try One of These Cool AF Activewear Brands Started By Women)

What Customers Say: Buyers love that they can wear these slipper sandals "inside and outside of the house while being cute and super comfortable." They reported that the house shoes wash easily and that they've been getting tons of compliments on their slippers of choice.

Keep In Mind: Keep in mind that these slippers only come in whole sizes, and the brand states that they run small, so remember to size up.

Buy It: Terrelique Relaxation Slips, $64,

Best Editor Recommendation: Glerups Slipper

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Your Feet Will Love: A Denmark brand that began by crafting only two pairs of shoes a day from the wool of their Gotland sheep, Glerups are not only one of a kind, but also embody hygge (the Danish word for getting super comfy at home) at its finest. They have a simple design made of 100 percent natural wool — which absorbs excess moisture and helps to regulate temperature — and soft calfskin.

Editor and writer Susan Brickell has been wearing this pick for more than five years, owns three different pairs, and loves how the odor-eliminating wool staves off stink and regulates the temperature of her feet — whether it's a chilly winter day in New York or she just wants extra comfort and support while working from home. (She even wears them during hot summers in Florida.) Since these have a calfskin outsole, they are made for indoor wear. However, the brand offers a version with a rubber sole, as well as a boot silhouette with the rubber bottoms, that she wears to the gym, supermarket, during flights, and when walking her dog.

Keep In Mind: Because this slipper is made with genuine wool, it will shed within the first 3-4 weeks of wear, so simply remove the fibers and discard.

Buy It: Glerups Slippers, from $60,

Best Podiatrist Recommendation: Cushionaire Feather Recovery Cloud Slides With +Comfort

Product image of house slippers on a white background

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Your Feet Will Love: The number-one best-seller in the women's slide sandals category on Amazon, Dr. Brenner says she is "obsessed" with this comfortable cloud-like pick. It gets Dr. Brenner's seal of approval because it checks so many of her boxes: it has a 1.75-inch platform base, deep heel cup, molded cushion footbed, firm midsole, and rubber, non-slip outsole for added grip and stability. It comes in 11 colorways, and the sandal style can take you from the comfort of home to running errands, grabbing coffee, or for a walk on the beach.

What Customers Say: Shoppers praise the cushioning in these podiatrist-approved slippers, with one adding that they "can practically bounce" in them. The reviewer continued to share that they have been great for their plantar fasciitis, especially since their apartment has hardwood floors. Plus, the bottom is really quiet so as not to disturb neighbors.

Keep In Mind: Shoppers mention that this slipper tends to run small, but with free returns it's easy to exchange them for the correct size.

Buy It: Cushionaire Feather Recovery Cloud Slides With +Comfort, from $25,