2022's Last Mercury Retrograde is Here to Help You Think Through Your Resolutions

2022's Last Mercury Retrograde is Here to Help You Think Through Your Resolutions

If you thought 2023 was going to start off smoothly, Mercury Retrograde is here to give you a quick reality check.

Starting on December 29, and for the next three weeks, the planet of communication and technology is moving backward within the sign of Capricorn and close to Venus, therefore expect to see your relationships, friendships and bonds closely affected.

To stay ahead of the game, double-check your calendar, appointments and emails. This will keep you focused on what you're doing and keep you from making the usual Mercury Rx mistakes.

However, if things don't go as you planned, don't fret, be kind and rewind.

Getty Images The sun, mercury and the earth.

Another aspect of this retrograde in Capricorn is that you'll rethink structures surrounding your work life, career and public image.

You may notice conflicts in schedules, meetings or overdue tasks, while communication with your boss and co-workers may lag.

Although Mercury Retrograde gets a bad rep, this time will be perfect for reflecting as things from the past you thought were long gone resurface.

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Even though things may be coming back into the scene, it doesn't mean you have to give them a second chance, but Mercury Rx gives you a chance to review and rework past experiences.

As the retrograde moves through Capricorn other signs will also be affected by this energy. Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will be feeling it more intensely in comparison to other signs.

The best way to stick it through? Take time to focus on yourself, spend time with friends, meditate and think twice before taking action until Mercury comes direct and things begin to move forward again.