In 2020, The Saudi Royal Prince Gave Lil' Wayne Expensive Gifts For His Airport Trouble

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Lil’ Wayne, being such a colorful character, has found himself in unusual situations before. But he was pleasantly surprised when Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia gave him expensive gifts in 2020.

According to Daily Loud on Twitter, “the Saudi royal family gave Lil’ Wayne a $25,000 Franck Muller watch and a black Lamborghini for having an issue at the airport.” Some speculated the watch could have cost more than that.

If only we could be gifted such things for our airport troubles!

There's Rich And Then There's Saudi Rich

The Saudi royal family isn’t exactly out here struggling.

Economic Times ranks them as the number one richest royal family in the world, with an approximate net worth of $1.4 trillion.



Why Did Lil' Wayne Encounter Problems?

The rapper explained that he couldn’t access the country due to the amount of jewelry he had on his person.

According to Albawaba, “when he put his bags through the x-ray machine, a security employee took issue when she discovered jewelry items worth more than 25 thousand dollars in his luggage. Typically, border security require that items of high value be declared beforehand.”

Annoyed, Wayne was ready to go back to his plane and leave.

His back and forth with airplane staff apparently reached the ear of the Saudi prince, Mohammed bin Salman.


What Did The Saudi Prince Do?

Legit reported, “His Excellency went to [Lil’ Wayne’s] hotel room with expensive gifts to apologize for the trouble.”

“The gifts included a $25k (N11 million) Franck Muller wristwatch. But he did not end there.”


The Prince Gave Lil' Wayne A Choice

Lil’ Wayne shared his interaction with the prince.

“After he was leaving the room, he said, ‘oh, I forgot, Lamborghini or Ferrari?’ I thought it was a general question. I said ‘Lamborghini’— I thought he was asking me which one was better.”

“Then he asked, ‘what color?’ I said ‘black.’ He said, ‘In front of your house in three weeks. I’m very sorry for this.’ I was still thinking that he was joking, too. I said Lamborghini truck, I heard they are new. I got that like two or three days ago!”

How Did Twitter Users Respond?

Twitter responded with the expected shock and amusement.

One remarked that $25,000 is barely a drop in the bucket for the Saudis.

Qura wrote, “they’re the royal family and all they could afford to gift him was 25k and a black lambo? They broke asf.”

Yasuke said, “Arab money different.”

A third person quipped, “this is the rich n*gga problems I want.”

Some darkly speculated what happened to the airport staff who gave Lil’ Wayne issues.