As the 2020 Presidential Election Drags On, the Internet Has Filled The Void With Memes

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Photo credit: Elaine Chung
Photo credit: Elaine Chung

From Esquire

Only 40-ish hours have passed since Election Night 2020, but it feels much closer to 40-ish years. We still don't have a winner as a few battleground states carefully count the last few votes. The "command" and "R" symbols on everyone's keyboards have been rubbed off. In short, 2020 has continued to deliver its same signature cocktail of terror and monotony, just at a higher intensity. Concentrated catastrophe, if you will.

While it may still feel like the world is on fire, a few things have remained steadfast over the past two days: Key battleground states have yet to call an official majority winner. More than a third of Donald Trump's tweets have been flagged as "might be misleading about an election." The internet, devoid of healthy emotional responses, has turned to its standard cynical and flippant meme-making to pass the time.

As of 3:30 p.m. on Thursday, officials in Nevada and Georgia, Arizona, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania carefully counted the remaining votes while the world waited with bated breath to see who would be the next President of the United States. There's very little new news, but that just means the internet is filled with anxious meme-ing.

Though this election may not be decided until the 2024 primaries begin, take your mind off the political purgatory by reading tweets from people making light of this political purgatory. And for the sake of all things holy, will someone wake Nevada's drunk ass up. I don't care how drunk they were at the Bellagio last night. We have shit to do.

Oh, yeah, we forgot. Alaska is also still pending. Sorry to this Alaska.

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