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It is impossible to get around this car's price tag. At a staggering $105,690, this particular 2020 Mercedes-AMG C 63 S Coupe has more than $27,000 worth of options. Admittedly, two of the big ticket items, the $5,450 Ceramic Compound brakes, $2,000 staggered-sized forged wheels and $1,750 Aerodynamics package allow it to go faster on a track, but the rest consists of luxury, infotainment and safety add-ons plus an excessive slathering of carbon fiber trim pieces.

The above walk-around video goes into detail about the C 63 S in general as well as all those options. 

Really, this specification is conflicted. If you really wanted to hit the track, you wouldn't get all those extra doo-dads. Also, for nearly the exact same price, you could have one of these, which would be much better on a track. Conversely, if you just want a sexy, hyper-powered luxury coupe with lots of carbon fiber to make sure people know you bought the expensive one, then you've totally wasted your money on those fancy brakes and will regret that aero package once its enlarged front splitter runs aground on every other driveway (plus intersection drainage ditches in California). There's also the matter of this being a $100,000 C-Class. Is that really the best Benz letter to show off for that amount of money?

Again, it's impossible to get around this particular car's price tag, but one can also view it as a sort of showcase for the C 63's options list. A taster menu, if you will. Strip all the carbon fiber, stick with the base wheels (19's front and rear, versus 19/20), learn how to park yourself, and live with the assuredly capable standard AMG brakes, and you have a performance/luxury coupe that makes far more sense (if such a thing can actually make "sense"). It'll look even better without all those aero add-ons and it'll go just as stupid-fast with the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 that produces 503 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque in the C 63 S. That's a significant increase over the base C 63's 469 hp and 479 lb-ft. Oh, and all that grunt only goes to the rear wheels ... no all-wheel-drive business. An over-exuberant stab of the throttle will overwhelm rear traction and temporarily make things a bit squirrelly as the traction/stability control does its best to avoid any adventures in shrubbery. 

So is the 2020 Mercedes-AMG C 63 S Coupe an exciting, sexy car? Oh hell yes. Is this particular one thoroughly ridiculous and bit tacky. Also yes.

P.S. Seriously, there's only one color available on the C 63? One choice that isn't black, white or gray? Lame. The C 43 is at least available in darker Lunar Blue and the always sexy designo Cardinal Red. Other AMG models are offered in Sun Yellow, Emerald Green, Jupiter Red, matte Brilliant Blue, and of course, Green Hell Magno. The G-Class is offered in a veritable Skittles bag of extra-cost hues. 

This is sad. Of course, it speaks to the fact that typical AMG buyers really only want black, gray or white. To blend in? Plausible. To look tough and cool? More likely. Either way and, again, lame. 

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