2020 Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition Rear Seat

A tour of the back seat area of the 2020 Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition flagship luxury sedan.

Video Transcript

JOEL STOCKSDALE: This is Joel Stocksdale and this Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition. In addition to having the trick doors and extra length, it's a very luxurious backseat. When you climb inside, you'll see that, obviously, you get lots more leg room thanks to the extra length of the car.

And you also get a really fancy center console with space for your tablets, space for your champagne bottle. It's waterproof, and it can be chilled. You also get radio controls, climate controls, window shades.

And if we close that fancy door, you'll find that you also get seat controls. The one back here controls recline for the back seat. And the one here controls the front seat. That way, you can give yourself even more space than you already had.

You even get a little umbrella down here in the door pocket, maybe a little hard to see. There it is. So the Continental Coach Door Edition is definitely the fanciest Continental you're going to find.