2020 Has Changed The Way I Dress, and These Are the 15 Practical Bags I Want

Krista Jones

Once upon a time, my wardrobe was all about dressing up and feeling my best in fun new seasonal pieces. Now my days are spent in sweatpants, and if I leave the house, I just add a pair of Birkenstocks and my favorite face mask. Suddenly I'm dressing for practicality and not to show off my latest dress at the office. I'm not complaining though, as I'm staying comfy and saving money on trends. One thing that I've been on the search for though is the perfect bag to wear right now. I've forever been a tote girl, who carried around gym clothes and my laptop every where I went. Now that I'm mostly staying home, I only need a few things in my bag when I leave the house for short trips like my phone, wallet, keys, and hand sanitizer.

For the first time ever, I feel like I can finally rock a smaller bag. As I began my shopping journey, I realized I had a few things on my wish list for the perfect bag. I wanted one that was comfortable to carry, easy to open and close, and of course, stylish. Is that too much to ask for?

If you're also on a lookout for a new bag that is chic, practical, and makes your everyday life a little easier, then I'm here to help. Ahead, I curated a list of the 15 top contenders I found on my shopping journey that can hopefully inspire you to find the right match for your day-to-day. From hands-free crossbody bags to cute little shoulder bags, and fun fanny packs, it'll be hard to not want them all. Keep reading to finds yours.


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