Slovenian daredevils created a water circus using a massive pendulum swing

The Dunking Devils are an acrobatic basketball group from Slovenia. Inspired by other popular adrenaline junkies like Dude Perfect, the team created DD Squad and showcase their hair-raising stunts on their YouTube channel.

In one video, the Dunking Devils held a water circus under the railway bridge that crosses the Ljubljanica river. The quartet created a 7-meter-long pendulum swing off of the bridge that can hold four people at a time.

They each do jaw-dropping flips in mid-air before they plunge into the river. The Dunking Devils were joined by Slovenian aerial performers and pole dancers who swung off of the bridge too.

The daredevils used physics to their advantage. The standard measurement of Earth’s gravity is 1 G — a G-force is a unit of measurement that describes the acceleration of an object relative to the Earth’s gravity.

With the speed and movement of the squad’s pendulum, they were able to triple that force so that when the acrobats launched off the swing, the force propelled them 15 meters far and they were able to stay suspended in the air for enough time to pull off more elaborate flips.

TIn fact, it marked a milestone for the acrobats who did a quadruple front flip 360, triple gainer and a double front flip with a 1080-degree twist for the first time.

“When we started building the pendulum swing, we had no idea whether it would even work, so we were pleasantly surprised by the result,” DD Squad member Maks Veselko told Talk Basket. “Although pushing the swing is hard on your legs, especially due to the triple g-force, it’s worth it. You’re constantly aware of the speed and once you jump, you feel as if you’re flying!”

DD Squad filmed the episode before the pandemic and hopes to recreate the project on a larger scale once the outbreak is over.

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