Sisters turn crafting hobby into a $20 million company

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You may have seen Da Bomb Bath products in one of the 25,000 stores that carry the line, but the company’s story is as unexpected as the surprises found in the center of each bath bomb.

Sisters Isabel and Caroline Bercaw came up with the idea when they were just 11 and 10 years old.

“We started making bath bombs and then our friends started asking for them. So we decided to bring them to a local art fair,” Caroline told In The Know. “We were really nervous because we weren’t sure if the bath bombs were really going to sell. And then we got really lucky because we actually ended up selling out of all of our products on the first day.”

At the art fair they also found the first store that would agree to carry and advertise their products. That’s when the sisters decided to turn their hobby into a real business.

Years later in 2019, Da Bomb Bath has exceeded $20 million in revenue. Not too shabby for a business that started with $150 borrowed from the founders’ mom.

“Today we’re making 60 to 200 bath bombs per hour. Just depending on the size,” Isabel told In The Know.

Isabel and Caroline shifted from repaying mom to reinvesting into the business and donating to humanitarian causes. The company’s “Earth Bomb” revenue is providing clean water and latrines to six different Kenyan villages.

“There’s no question that we wouldn’t be where we are today without the help of our parents, employees and our business partners,” Caroline said. “We’re just really lucky that they believed in what we are doing.”

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