Verizon Media sheds light on Global Accessibility Awareness Day

In recognition of Global Accessibility Awareness Day (which takes place on May 21 this year), Verizon Media’s accessibility team has released a video highlighting the perspectives of people with disabilities who use assistive technologies.

In the inspiring two-minute clip, multiple people share their personal interests and careers while emphasizing the need to make technology accessible to everyone.

“What I’m passionate about is that everything should work for everybody,” Sheela, a disability rights activist and jewelry designer, says in the video.

“The advancement of technology has really been helpful to me,” Shana, a student and banking enthusiast, adds. “Now I use my phone for going online almost exclusively.”

Global Accessibility Awareness Day normally takes place on the third Thursday of May.

“The whole concept of Global Accessibility Awareness Day is for that single day to think about, learn about and experience digital accessibility,” co-creator Jennison Asuncion explained in a 2013 interview.

According to software company Deque, 57 million Americans currently live with a disability. Of that population, 2.17 million people surf the web on a regular basis and 1.15 million have found doing so challenging. The company also found that nine out of 10 websites are not accessible.

To that end, Verizon Media has committed to providing assistance to customers with disabilities. You can learn more about the business’ initiatives here.

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