This 79-year-old comedian isn't your average jokester

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Marty Ross, a 79-year-old comedian, isn’t afraid to take the stage and make controversial jokes.

In fact, he’s only afraid of one thing, really.

“The only thing I’ve ever worried about when I go on stage is literally dying. Everything else I can deal with,” he told In The Know.

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Ross has the swagger of a lifelong jokester, but he’s only been professionally goofing around for the past 15 years.

He told In The Know he was originally in the clothing business for 47 years.

“I turned 65 and they realized they didn’t want to pay me anymore, and I decided it’s the perfect time to do something else,” he said.

Though he’s spent his whole life making jokes, the career transition pushed him to take a standup comedy workshop.

“I was by far the oldest one in the class and by now I’m still the oldest one,” he told In The Know. “The initial [period] was hard for me because I was not used to being on stage … I’ve come a long way.”

Ross gave In The Know a taste of his raunchy humor at the Ventura Harbor Comedy Club in Ventura, California.

Credit: In The Know

“Ladies, I’m here in case some of you here would like an experienced man. At my age, it could be a near-death experience, but it will be an experience,” he joked on stage.

“Last Saturday night, I made love to three women all night long. No, wait, it was two women. No, I had soup,” he continued.

Ross said his jokes about aging are relatable to all people, young and old.

Credit: In The Know

“So whether the audience is old or young, it’s what’s going to happen,” he said. “The reality is, it’s what my act is about. It’s not what I’m about. I’m about having the time of my life.”

Ross added that bringing “joy and happiness” to people during “difficult” times is what keeps him going.

“I’m gonna keep going until the light goes on and says, ‘Hey, come back, fella. We’re done here.’ I have no plans to stop. This is too much fun,” he concluded.

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