Meet the youngest fashion designer Nordstrom has ever carried

Nordstrom carried Isabella Rose Taylor’s fashion line when she was just 13 years old. Taylor is an artist, fashion designer and entrepreneur and the Austin-based wunderkind has been painting and selling her art since she was 3 years old.

“Around that same time I actually began experimenting with mixed media textiles, fabric,” she told In The Know. “And that kind of was my introduction into the world of fashion.”

As a hobby, Taylor sewed clothes for friends and herself. When she was 10, she created a website that evolved into a business and within a few years, her clothes were in department stores.

“I was the youngest designer Nordstrom’s had ever carried at the age of 13. I can remember the first time I saw a girl I didn’t know wearing one of my dresses,” she said.

Taylor’s work first appeared in major Dallas galleries when she was nine. She did her first TEDx talk at 12. She finished high school at 11 and graduated with a Fashion Marketing degree from Parsons School of Design at 16.

Today, at age 18, Taylor is getting her second degree in International Business at New York University.

She has since expanded to interior design with a collection at Pottery Barn in 2017.

“I think my parents, the way I was raised has always been a big support system,” she told In The Know. “They always instilled in me that with hard work you can achieve anything. And that’s a mindset I’ve taken to every aspect of my life.”

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