Sea otter celebrates 20th birthday at Chicago Aquarium

Emerald Pellot

Yaku the sea otter celebrated his 20th birthday on April 20 at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium. Although the aquarium is closed to visitors due to the pandemic, it didn’t stop staff from throwing a party.

Yaku was surprised with a special dessert fish, oysters and clam paste all shaped into a three-tier cake. Shedd Aquarium shared videos of the birthday extravaganza on social media, which quickly racked up views.

“Happy birthday to sea otter Yaku! At 20 years old, Yaku is both the oldest and the largest otter at Shedd,” the aquarium tweeted. “His big birthday bash was complete with a yummy seafood ‘cake’ of capelin (fish), oysters, gelatin and clam paste.” 

To top it off, Yaku was serenaded by his caretaker Michelle, who played “Happy Birthday” on the violin.

“The rest of the sea otter group got to join in on the enrichment session, too, making this a true party (with social distancing and masks on the human side, of course!),” Shedd tweeted. “Join us in wishing Yaku a happy birthday!” 

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