People are obsessed with this $15 anti-aging serum at Ulta: 'I’m on my third bottle'

Danelle Sandoval

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When it comes to skincare, it can be easy to put a huge dent in your wallet. From high-end creams to celeb-approved brands, it might be overwhelming to find products that fall into the perfect skincare trifecta: Being top-rated, known to work well for your skin type and are budget-friendly.

However, if you’ve been searching for a staple serum to add to your beauty regimen, there is one cult-favorite that many Ulta Beauty shoppers can’t stop raving about, and it costs just under $15.

The Ordinary’s Buffet Serum can prevent and reduce signs of aging and hydrate your skin. Packed with powerful peptide complexes, amino acids and hyaluronic acid, it’s called “buffet” for a reason — acting as an all-in-one formula that’s said to tackle dark spots, dryness, fine lines and wrinkles. Some shoppers have even claimed that it’s given them a youthful look and has completely changed their skin.

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If you aren’t familiar with peptides or amino acids, they can be super beneficial for building collagen. They additionally contribute to our body’s hormones, enzymes and energy. NYC-based dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe explained to Dermstore, “Peptides are strings of amino acids, which are the building blocks that make up proteins in our body, including collagen in the skin.” She continues, “Without these proteins, we will see wrinkles, brittle nails and dry hair that’s prone to breakage.

Connecticut-based dermatologist, Dr. Deanne Mraz Robinson, additionally stated to Dermstore, “Peptides serve as the building blocks for not only new collagen, but also elastin fibers. These fibers are the building blocks of our skin and add to tissue firmness and elasticity.”

In comparison to other peptide complex serums, this option has been super effective for many because of its price point. You won’t have to feel guilty about purchasing it over and over again like some loyalists have.

“I’m on my third bottle and absolutely am obsessed,” wrote one reviewer who gave the item five stars. “After going into the second bottle I started to notice a huge difference in fine lines under my eyes and around my mouth.”

Before purchasing, it’s important to know that this serum won’t interact with everyone’s skin the same way and could possibly cause irritation. It’s strongly recommended to do a patch test before using, especially if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin. Furthermore, while many shoppers have raved about its results, it may not work for each person.

“It’s hydrating and I think it does the job,” one reviewer wrote. “Nothing drastic like completely resurfacing my texture or anything, but it’s decent.”

All-in-all, if you’ve been trying to find a serum that won’t break the bank and is packed with ingredients that are promising, this one is definitely worth trying.

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