Diddy responds to claims he body-shamed Lizzo on Instagram Live

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Though Diddy’s Instagram Live dance-a-thon generated an estimated $3.7 million to help communities affected by the global crisis, the music mogul faced backlash after interrupting Lizzo’s performance.

All sorts of stars appeared at Diddy’s nine-hour party on Sunday, from his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez to his former foe Drake. His children joined him for much of the stream, as well.

Among the stacked line-up of guests was Lizzo, a Grammy winner and body positivity icon, who twerked to Moneybagg Yo’s “1 2 3.”

She hadn’t spent much time dancing when Diddy interrupted her.

“It’s Easter Sunday — let’s play something a little bit family-friendly,” he said. Lizzo stopped dancing immediately.

Twitter user AngelaIRL noted that Diddy did not stop “Basketball Wives LA” star Draya Michele when she twerked to “Back that Azz Up,” though, calling out a double standard.

Diddy responded to claims that he behaved in a fatphobic way toward Lizzo in his Instagram story on Monday.

“She’s one of the best ‘twerkers’ in the world,” he said with his family behind him. “You’re allowed to twerk on Easter …. everybody stop looking at the negative, let’s look at the positive.”

Many fans were not impressed with his apology.

“I love and hate that Lizzo was so nice, gracious and apologetic to
Diddy,” Twitter user 4GrownFolks wrote. “When he cheered on other smaller women, he fat-shamed Lizzo and implicitly taught his kids body bias.”

“Y’all can’t even hide [your] disdain for fat women and I hate it,” user itsssJQ said.

Others thought Diddy’s clarification video was just fine.

“Y’all are [reaching] to heaven with this one,” Instagram user patressee_ commented.

“It’s actually weird how y’all demand celebrities to owe y’all an explanation,” imjustcyrus said.

Lizzo hasn’t responded to the incident, aside from apologizing profusely to Diddy when he stopped her performance.

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