This giant chest of drawers unfolds into a secret staircase

If you’re feeling cramped in a small loft apartment, Italian furniture company B PIÙ s.r.l.’s Eclettica has got an innovative storage solution with a design that resembles something straight out of a science-fiction novel. The Eclettica is a spiral staircase that folds and stacks vertically. Thanks to its innovative design, you won’t even know that you’re looking at a set of stairs at first glance.

“Eclettica is the ideal staircase for every style and trend, both in modern and traditional architecture,” B PIÙ s.r.l.’s website states. “The combination of high-quality materials, the variety of colors and attention to detail make it an original design object in large rooms and a unique and prestigious one in smaller places.”

Each step is a compartment or drawer that can be used for storage. Its unique aesthetic makes it a little difficult to describe — although, fortunately, the video above shows the modern design in action.

At first, the Eclettica appears to be a towering chest or bookshelf that reaches the ceiling. But when activated by the push of a button, the storage unfurls into an aesthetically pleasing spiral design. The staircase can be customized to any height, making it great for homes of most sizes.

“The Eclettica technology optimizes the spaces, allowing for maximum exploitation of the volumes: vertically thanks to the compartment/drawer steps and horizontally for the complete closure position of the stairs,” the company said in the product’s description.

The Eclettica can also be customized with decorative panels in various colors and prints, or with mirrors and wood paneling.

Indeed, the spiral staircase is a winner due to its form and function. Who wouldn’t want to regale their guests with a secret staircase hidden in plain sight? The fact that it can be utilized as extra storage space is the cherry on top.

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