Man attempts to walk dog with drone, fails miserably

A Florida man tried to walk his dog by creatively using his drone but realized that his pet was not having it.

Last Thursday, video of the attempt circulated on online video news hub Newsflare. The unidentified man from Davie flies his drone in different directions, but the canine refuses to budge and even sits down at one point. Another dog passes by as a woman is heard in the background trying to get the first dog to move.

The video’s release comes at a time when others have also come up with innovative ways to use a drone. Just three days before, New York City photographer Jeremy Cohen took to TikTok to share a video in which he snagged neighbor Tori Cignarella’s phone number by using a drone. That clip immediately went viral, receiving over 5 million likes and 13,000 comments.

“This is how u get girls in 2020,” one person joked.

“Modern day love story,” another quipped.

In Brussels, police have used drones to enforce social distancing. Law enforcement in Spain have also flown drones to warn residents to stay home as the country recently announced it was planning to extend its state of emergency for an additional 15 days. In the U.S., authorities in California are similarly considering using drones to communicate with vulnerable populations, including the homeless.

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