Woman slams airport restaurant over 'pathetic' $72 meal: 'That's a disgrace'

A British woman is sparking plenty of wild reactions after sharing a photo of her “pathetic” airport food — and the price she paid for it.

Hannah Bennett shared the image, taken inside London’s Heathrow Airport, to both her personal Facebook account and the popular food sharing page, Rate My Plate. In the post, she described a sandwich she bought for £8.50 (approximately $11) at the airport’s Prince of Wales pub.

“What an £8.50 cheese and ham toastie looks like at the Prince of Wales pub at terminal 4,” Bennett wrote. “Terrible! Pathetic and complete rip off!”

The dish, which was marketed as a toasted ham and cheese sandwich, appeared to be made on lightly toasted, standard white bread, and seemingly contained a minimal amount of either ingredient. Most confoundingly, it featured a long, wooden skewer stabbed into the center.

“Pathetic excuse for a meal. Not personally sure what the stick is actually doing as it’s not structural!” Bennett’s post on Rate My Plate read, according to the Independent.

Several commenters weighed on in the dish, with many supporting Bennett’s outrage.

“Oh wow. I wouldn’t even embarrass myself by serving that! Shame on them. Hope you got a refund,” one Facebook commenter wrote.

“That’s a disgrace to be honest,” another added.

According to the Metro, that wasn’t the only costly item in Bennett’s order. She shared her entire receipt with the paper, which totaled £55 (slightly more than $72) for an apple crumble, two entrees, a salad and the now-infamous sandwich.

Costly prices at the airport are in no way unique to Heathrow, of course. In fact, a 2018 study by the Hustle found that, in America, items like water bottles and potato chips essentially cost double their normal prices at airports.

A major reason for the upcharge, according to the research, was rent prices. Airports often charge a big price for leasing inside their premises, in addition to sometimes taking a considerable portion of a store’s revenue.