20 Years After Leaving Los Angeles, Sheryl Crow Says Move To Tennessee Saved Her Life

"I'll just tell you that, for me, getting out in nature really saved my life.”

Our list of celebrities who traded in the bright lights of Los Angeles for a simpler life in the South keeps getting longer.

Grammy-winning songstress Sheryl Crow reflected on her decision to relocate from Hollywood to Nashville during her performance at Sea.Hear.Now Music Festival in Asbury Park, New Jersey, on Saturday night.

<p>John Shearer/Getty Images for The Valory</p>

John Shearer/Getty Images for The Valory

According to People, Crow, 61, got emotional while introducing the song "Cross Creek Road" off her latest studio album Threads.

"I'll tell you a quick story," she told the crowd. "So I know how hard it is for especially young people—and I don't know if anybody was pained by struggles like I did when I was young—but these are some tricky waters to navigate now."

"I'll just tell you that, for me, getting out in nature really saved my life," Crow shared.

"So, I moved to Nashville and I bought a farm," the Missouri native recalled "I sat in the trees and just asked God to give me some answers—and I wound up writing this song."

Crow moved to Tennessee in 2003, just two weeks after she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“I completely relate to Nashville because I have a lot of friends there who are also in the music business,” she explained to Rolling Stone at the time. “But not only that, I just relate to the people. I relate to the friendliness and down-homeness. I feel a relaxation that comes over my body that I usually don’t feel when I’m in New York or L.A.”

Crow, who adopted sons Wyatt and Levi in 2007 and 2010, respectively, spoke to The Tennessean about being able to raise her children away from the cameras.

"One of the grandest things about living here is getting to be in my line of work, and getting to have my kids and myself have a normal life,” she said in a 2013 interview with the newspaper.

"Celebrity is tantamount in Los Angeles, and it’s not here, and I think celebrity and fame have done a disservice to artistry," Crow continued. "In this community, family is the most important thing, and privacy rates way up there. I don’t think the community here would allow something like paparazzi everywhere."

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