20 Things Southerners Love To Say About The Weather

We've pulled together a real gully washer of a list

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Courtesy of Getty Images

When it comes to weather, you can be sure that Southerners have a few things to say. Geographically, the South experiences almost every type of weather one can imagine. In the summers, Southern states are sticky with heat and we get our fair share of tropical storms and hurricanes on the coast. In the fall, we watch the leaves turn on a dime across many of our great states. In the winters, we get our fair share of snowy dustings that stop traffic, even if it’s just one inch. In the spring, it’s like a bucket of water has been dumped on us with those April showers, and we can’t forget the tornadoes.

While what we say about the weather might not be as well known as other Southern sayings, we use our colorful language to better articulate what goes on in the great outdoors, positive or not. Yes, we’re known to say “bless your heart” when someone tells us about their troubles or “full as a tick” when we stuff our faces too much at Thanksgiving, but when it comes to our sayings about the weather, let’s just say we go “hog wild.”

We put our heads together to make this list with just about every Southern weather saying we could think of (some that crossed our minds are simply not made for polite company), but it just touches the surface of our broad thoughts on weather. When it rains, it pours, as people say, and we don’t think Southerners will ever stop making up these wacky weather sayings.

When It's Raining

It’s blowing up a storm (You can feel the storm coming.)

It's comin' up a cloud. (Another way to say the storm is on its way.)

It's fixin' to rain. (In the same vein as the previous two.)

The Devil's beating his wife. (When it's rainy and sunny at the same time.)

Not a dry thread on me. (You're soaked.)

It's a real gully washer. (It's raining really hard.)

Raining like an old cow peeing on a rock.

Raining cats and dogs.

It's coming a frog strangler. (It's pouring, much like the three above.)

It's fairin' off.  (The storm will pass.)

When It's Hot

This one's gonna be a scorcher.

It's hot as Hades.

Hot as blue blazes.

It's hot as all get-out!

Hotter than Satan's house cat.

I'm wilting.

I'm burning up.

I'm sweatin' like a hog.

When It's Cold

I'm freezing my tail off over here.

It's cold as all get out. (Yes, you can say it in both a hot and cold context, y'all.)

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