The Only Robot Vacuum You Should Shop for the Prime Early Access Sale Is 20% Off

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Buy This Upgraded Robot Vacuum for 20% OffYeedi

As you ease into the fall season and start spending more time indoors, we guarantee you'll start to notice all the dust bunnies around your place. Furthermore, we bet you’ll waste half of your weekend trying to clean them up with your handheld vacuum.

Well, it's time to put that all behind you because the highly-rated Yeedi vacuum has been marked down during Amazon Prime Day 2022 (also known as Amazon's Early Access sale)—which is officially scheduled today and tomorrow, October 11th and 12th.

Currently, the brand has several self-cleaning robot vacuums going with a significant 20% discount. The Yeedi Mop Station Pro which has the power to clean your entire home in no time is $150 off. You can command it to operate when you leave the house and specify if you want a deep clean or light dusting during the day.

Then, there's the Yeedi Vac 2 Pro that's 20% off. It has deep clean capabilities like you won't believe and it can easily hold up to 30 days worth of dust. Of course, you can't forget about the Yeedi Vac Station that's dubbed the best of both worlds as it can vacuum and mop. However, if you ask us, the Yeedi Vac Max is the best deal at $259.99 and, is rated the best tangle-free vacuum by customers. It’s the ultimate dustbin and has three settings for maximum function. To make things even better, all Yeedi products come with an App and can be set on silent mode to clean without you even noticing it.

Photo credit: Yeedi Vac
Photo credit: Yeedi Vac

Get ready and grab a Yeedi vacuum while the sale lasts. Having a clean house without lifting a finger is worth the investment, so start scrolling and snag one of these game-changing cleaning tools.

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