20 Joan Moments On Netflix's “The Chair” That Remind Us That Holland Taylor Is The GOAT

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From its posh fits to its realistic depictions of academia, there’s a lot to love about Netflix’s The Chair. While we all undoubtedly adore Sandra Oh as the warm and messy Professor Ji-Yoon Kim, there’s another MVP who deserves the same hype: the truly inimitable Holland Taylor as Professor Joan Hambling, Ji-Yoon’s sharp-tongued and hilarious colleague who has a bit of a thing for Chaucer.

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Seriously — Joan has some of the best moments in the series — here are the ones that take the cake!

1.Joan's intro in the show is seriously the best. Look at her getting some coffee for Ji-Yoon.

Joan pointing at coffee
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Look at this follow-up gesture! She's so ready for Ji-Yoon to stop it with the professorial professionalism!

Joan pointing at head
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2.Look at her and Ji-Yoon looking at the athletes...respectfully.

Ji-Yoon and Joan staring at athletes

It's not her fault the school placed her in the athletics building...or as she calls it, a "subterranean sh*thole."

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3.When she and Ji-Yoon just gab about Bill and romance.

Joan and Ji-Yoon

Joan doesn't mince words.

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4.This exchange with the Title IX officer.

Joan and Title IX officer

So problematic, yet so funny.

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5.When Bill asks Joan if they're gonna do stuff.

Joan and Bill hugging

A comedy of errors.

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6.When Joan notices that the painting in Ji-Yoon's office looks super familiar.

Joan in Ji-Yoon's office

Plot twist: He's the president of the school from 1924.

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7.Joan has the best lines!

Joan says man owes her an orgasm.
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8.When she burns her student evaluations because she doesn't cater to consumer demands!

Joan burns evals
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But uhhhh, the fire got out of hand...

Joan stares at trash can fire
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9.When the IT dude comes into her office, and she pretends that everything is fine.

Joan holding fire extinguisher

Nothing to see here — just a normal day at a sh*tty office in an athletics building with no Wi-Fi.

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10.When she realizes what that RateMyProfessor review meant...

Joan in office

Actually terrible.

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11.Look at her very discreetly going incognito at the library with the IT guy to track down the person leaving her bad reviews on RateMyProfessor.com!

I.T. guy and Joan in the library

Wearing sunglasses in a library...totally not suspicious at all!

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12.When she defends The Canterbury Tales and all of its glory.

Joan defends Chaucer

Pucker up!

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13.When she tells this punk to f*ck off.

Joan tells student to stay out of her classroom

It's wildly inappropriate and satisfying at the same time.

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14.This absolutely endearing moment between her and the IT guy as she preps for a chat with the school's ethics office by pretending to be a tiger.

I.T. guy and Joan
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Well, she gets a bit ahead of herself.

Joan falls down
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15.When Joan demands for what she deserves after decades of working for a sexist administration.

Joan talking to ethics department
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16.When Joan tells her colleagues that she'll agree to do the coup with them.

Joan says she'll "do it"

Et tu, Brute? Sorry, Ji-Yoon.

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17.When her colleagues egg her on to vote Ji-Yoon out, but she decides not to do it last minute!

Joan says she can't do it

It's called values!

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18.When Ji-Yoon votes for Joan to replace her.

Ji-Yoon votes for Joan to replace her

Their love for each other is *chef's kiss.*

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19.When she gives her incessantly sleeping colleague a little kick in the foot because *she's* the boss lady now.

Joan kicks sleeping colleague

No slackers!

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20.When she proudly sets out Ji-Yoon's "f*cker in charge" plaque.

Joan puts out plaque

That's Holland Taylor, you hear?!

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What moment from The Chair has you loving Holland Taylor like Joan loves The Canterbury Tales? Comment below!