20 Funny Flirting Memes That Totally Encapsulate The Struggle

Jasmine Gomez

From Seventeen

Flirting is definitely one of those hit or miss things. It can either go really well to the point where you’re planning your first date after just one interaction, or horribly horribly wrong—like bad enough you want to hide in a closet and not come out for a year. Unfortunately, flirting is one of those life skills that can't really be taught—you have to learn it on your own. Because of that, everyone has had one or two flirting fails in their lifetime. And that's why we can all probably relate to these 20 flirting memes that will leave you feeling better about your flirting skills (or lack thereof).

1. When your flirting finally works, but then you remember you have commitment issues:

With great power comes great responsibility.

2. When you've been watching way too many true crime shows on Netflix:

Honestly, if you haven't watch Making a Murderer four times, we shouldn't even be on this date RN.

3. When it seems to good to be true:

*Yelling after the robber as he runs off with your purse* "So are you single??"

4. When they've got you at a loss for words:

It's so much easier to react to insults.

5. When he catches the feels but your were just bored:

Time to break the bad news.

6. When you can't help but share your knowledge:

If they don't like CGI dinosaurs, they're not for you.

7. When people tell you to "lighten up" around your crush:

If they can't handle me at my worst, they don't deserve me at my best, thank you very much.

8. When you're trying to find something in common:

Sharing coping mechanisms can actually be very intimate.

9. When your friends ask you how things are with your crush:

Being the third wheel should be on my resume.

10. Sometimes you just need to sharpen your skills.

Practice makes perfect.

11. When you missed the sign-up for Flirting 101:

Honestly, what do you talk about with someone you just met? There should be rules written for this.

12. Two can play at that game.

It's all about stamina.

13. When your friend is the worst wingman in the world:

Is there anywhere I can put out some "wanted" ads for a brand new best friend who won't embarrass me in front of my crush?!

14. When you're the literal definition of "doing too much":

Please raise your hand if you have ever felt personally victimized by me. I swear it wasn't on purpose.

15. When pizza is the only bae in your life:

It has all the qualities I'm looking for. It makes me happy, keeps me satisfied and always comes over when I call. Can my soon-to-be bae follow suit?

16. When you're kind enough to give a warning:

I'm pretty awesome, but unfortunately there's only one of me to go around.

17. When the only bae you need is Netflix:

Netflix is the most loyal thing in my life. It never leaves me to "hang out with the boys" on a rainy Friday night.

18. When you hit them with the important questions right from the start:

I'm not trying to waste any time here. If you don't love tacos, I can't love you. Thank u, next.

19. When being extra is the only way you know how to flirt:

Sorry, I'm not usually this mean. I just thought you were into playing games.

20. When you mistakenly talk about the first thing that comes to mind:

There's serious problems in this world and my new crush needs to know about them all!

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