20+ Fan-Favorite Things You Can Only Get at Costco

A trip to Costco can feel like a treasure hunt for some. From Sea Salt Caramel Pretzel Bark to Southwest Rotisserie Chicken Wraps that prevent the afternoon slump before it starts, there's no shortage of finds for every tastebud.

Often, the products are ones that shoppers can only find at Costco — either in bulk or period. These Costco groceries are why people keep their memberships active (or quickly relented and got their own cards amid the sharing crackdown).

One shopper, perhaps on the hunt for new gems, asked Reddit for their only-at-Costco favorites. Nearly 1,000 people responded.

"Which item do you buy from Costco because you cannot find it anywhere else (literally or figuratively)?" asked u/Ibn-Abih in the Costco subreddit.

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Sharing a membership card at Costco may be officially frowned upon these days. But OP wasn't afraid to dish on their favorite only-at-Costco groceries.

"If we exclude Costco-exclusive Kirkland products, there are many items that I cannot find anywhere else, which is one of the key reasons I have kept my membership over the years," OP said. "For example, at our Costco, we often get seasonal snacks made in Taiwan that I would not even find at Asian grocery stores. Have you found an item that you love to buy that would be difficult to find anywhere else?"

Redditors response? Oh, yeah. From cheese to pickles and sandwich meat in between, these are the 20+ items that have people craving Costco hauls.

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20+ Items Shoppers Say They Can Only Find at Costco

1. All the cheese

If you love cheese and don't have a Costco membership, prepare for some massive FOMO.

"The cheese section at Costco is fantastic," wrote a fan. "It always has incredible quality, and the prices are so much better than anywhere."

Others gladly divulged concrete examples.

"The 24-month aged Parmesan cheese," said one. "It’s difficult to find elsewhere and is expensive when you do find it. It’s amazing."

"And the Pecorino Romano," responded one. "They’re both so good."

"I'm all about the habanero cheddar," said another about the beloved cheese.

OP wanted to know about products other than Kirkland ones. But sometimes, rules were made to be broken. Talking about the best cheeses is one of those times.

"I’m aware OP said no Kirkland products, but Coastal Cheese is just on another level," a person said.

Speaking of bending the rules: "I’m sober, but count the wine cheese as allowable."

Budget-friendly gems are also available in the Costco cheese section.

"The feta cheese is cheap," wrote someone else.

"Same with their aged gouda," said another savvy shopper. "The prices elsewhere are easily three times the price per pound and lower quality."

Even Costco cheese splurges are oh-so-worth it.

"A 4 cheese tray — 13 bucks but delicious," said a fan.

2. Protein

Meat and fish were another popular topic in the thread, from frozen favorites to lunch meat must-haves.

"The meat selection is incredible," dished a shopper.

"A few Costcos have whole frozen lamb [that is about] 32 lbs.," wrote one.

IYKYK: Trader Joe's orange chicken has a cult following. One person managed to leave it first, high-tailing it to Costco instead.

"Their brand of orange chicken," replied a Redditor. "It's the best quality out there. I used to like Trader Joe's version, but it's become pretty bad. Other brands also just don't hit the spot."

"They have the best orange chicken," concurred another. "In an air fryer, it is so on point."

Plenty of fish are in the sea, but none are as delectable as a very specific salmon.

"Honey smoked salmon — not the cured stuff, the hard smoked kind," the person revealed.

Sadly, this person can no longer find their favorite fish at their local Costco. "I have one pack frozen, and I’m clinging onto it," the person said.

Are you already over packing school lunches? Consider a Costco trip, where cold cuts are a cut above the rest.

"They have a Hillshire Farm three-pack of ham and two kinds of turkey in individual vacuum packs that is an absolute steal for the price ($15 for 3 lbs.)," a poster said. "It’s become pretty much the only cold cuts I buy anymore."

"I absolutely love to get their sliced sandwich roast beef and their ciabatta rolls and do a little caramelized onion, horseradish, and cheese vibe," dished another.

Another poster shared a relatable anecdote: "My [mother-in-law] always tells me she could only afford lunch meat sandwiches for four sons because of their Costco membership."

And lest we forget the Korean BBQ Pork Jerky, which a Redditor said they've never seen anywhere else.

Pro Tip for new fans of the Korean BBQ Pork Jerky and old: "I’ve tossed it in the pan with some rice and green beans for a quick lunch," one person suggested. "The texture softens, and it tastes like freshly grilled pork."

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3. Whiskey

Depending on your locality, your Costco may sell alcohol. Beer and wine are old stand-bys, but a spirited Redditor suggested venturing into Costco's whiskey stock.

"Specifically, the Japanese whiskeys Hibiki, Hakusho and Yamazaki," the person spilled. "I'm not sure I could find these anywhere else. The Costco price is also unbelievable."

4. Treats (for humans and dogs)

Need proof there's truly something for everyone at Costco? Look no further.

"Those coconut 'roll' cookies — shaped like long hollow cylinders," wrote a Redditor.

"I love those things," agreed someone else. "They [kind of] remind me of a storebought waffle cone or pizzelle but way better. Its perfectly sweetened creamy coconut flavor hits differently! Oh, and the black sesame seeds are a brilliant addition that adds a nice touch of nuttiness to it."

Furry friends will forgive you for leaving them for a Costco haul if you return with one specific item.

"The bully sticks. My dog absolutely loves them and can finish one in 15 minutes," said a pup parent. "They come in a pack of 12 for about $30. At Chewy, the same quality ones are [three] for $27."

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5. Green things (salad and pickles and pickle salad)

It's easy to love green food at Costco.

One poster didn't say much in response to OP. Two words were enough.

"Grillo's pickles," the Redditor replied.

Another expanded on the suggestion — a bonus for the unfamiliar.

"For real," the poster agreed. "I did start seeing them in my local Walmart recently, just in a pathetically small container. If I want pickles, I want pickles — not a bite of a pickle."

Salad kits were also a hot pick,

"There are a couple of Taylor Farms salad kits that seem to be unique/exclusive to Costco," wrote a fan.

"Their Caesar is my hands-down fave," said another.

Finally, one poster mentioned the two types of groceries mentioned here with one suggestion: Pickle salad.

"We really like the dill pickle [salad kit]," the person said. "They had it at our Safeway for a while, but that only lasted about a month before it disappeared."

Costco is clutch, isn't it?