2 stunt performers ended their wedding with a flame-filled, action-movie-inspired send-off — now they're going viral

When stunt performers Ambyr and Gabriel Jessop got married earlier this month, they ended their wedding with a bang — literally.

The couple, who, according to Insider, work in movies and met on-set in 2019, planned an elaborate surprise for their guests. The May 7 ceremony ended with explosions, smoke and the bride and groom literally lighting their outfits on fire.

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Russ Powell (@djrusspowell), a professional DJ and event planner working at the Jessops’ ceremony, captured the whole thing on video. He posted the clip on TikTok the following day. It’s since been viewed over 16 million times.

The video shows the couple running through a field, clothes aflame, followed by men with fire extinguishers. Eventually, they reach a crowd of friends and family members, where they’re sprayed off.

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As Insider reported, the Jessops had no idea they’d gone viral. But when they returned from their honeymoon, they realized just how much attention they were getting.

The result? Even more footage of the wedding, which TikTokers couldn’t get enough of. Gabe (@gabejessop) uploaded a series of professional photos from the stunt, while Amber (@ambyrbambyr_xo) shared a longer video of the exit.

Along with plenty of thank yous, Amber was sure to note that the stunt was pulled off by professionals and with the help of a fire department. Would-be brides and grooms should not try this at their own weddings.

TikTokers had all kinds of praise for the couple, and plenty of questions.

“How did you not catch ur hair on fire?” one user asked.

“That couple was on fire,” another joked.

“Best wedding of the century,” another added.

Many commenters compared the stunt to The Hunger Games films. The second movie in the series, aptly named Catching Fire, features a scene in which the protagonists, Katniss and Peeta, ride a chariot while their clothes ignite.

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