The '2-Sandwich Rule' is Trending—Here's Why

August calls for beach day after beach day. After a while, your packing list may become second nature. Chair? Check. Towel? Check. SPF? Check.

But one minor addition can take your beach day from "great" to "best-ever." Though the social media platform isn't always known for being 100% accurate, this beach-day hack is pretty genius.

It comes courtesy of Zachariah, who posts on TikTok as @zzzachariah.

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Zachariah didn't bury the lede. In the video's caption, he revealed the secret straight away: "Always bring a second sandwich."

He dug into the details in the video, though.

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Why You Need Two Sandwiches For a Beach Day

Zachariah's reasoning for bringing not one but two sandwiches for a beach day is spot on. "When you first get there at 9:30 in the morning, you're already thinking about that turkey sandwich," Zachariah says.

You know it's true.

"It's OK because it's kind of like the breakfast sandwich," Zachariah continues. "You make a little one for then, just to kind of take the edge off. Then, around 1:30, when everyone is getting hungry again, there's your second sandwich."

Zachariah then sheds light on what happens if you forego the two-sandwich hack—a scenario that he himself has experienced.

"If you only bring the first sandwich, you're not going to make it past 11," he says. "The rest of the afternoon, you're going to see everyone else eating their sandwiches, and you're going to be like...'I should have brought a second sandwich.'"

The video has racked up more than 255K likes and 3.4K comments, many of which agreed with Zachariah.

"The accuracy," said one TikToker. "Literally, all I can think about is eating my sandwich, no matter the arrival time."

"Veteran move," wrote another.

And all of this food talk naturally led to commenters dropping their top beach sandwiches.

"May I suggest PB&J for the first and turkey for the second?" wrote one.

We don't see why not.

"Tuna fish tastes better at the beach," said another.


Others suggest bringing even more than two.

"What if you take three?" said a TikToker.

According to other commenters, you are a total beach day pro.

"I argue you might need a third," a commenter said. "Once you get done playing in the water around 4, you’re hungry."

"At least two, but sometimes four," agreed another.

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Other Beach Day Must-Haves

At least two sandwiches is a good start to a fun-filled — in more ways than one — beach day. But TikTokers added some other must-have cooler items that are more clutch than a towel and baby powder (removes sand instantly) on a beach day. These include:

  1. Frozen water bottles. This is pro move that even the folks at Trader Joe's know about. Use them as ice packs first and beverages later. "By lunch, they will be frozen to enjoy," spilled a TikToker.

  2. Fruit. "Always the grapes and the cherries," divulged a commenter. May we suggest these Sour Patch Grapes?

  3. A snack. Salty was a common thread in the comments section— Cheez-Its and Kettle Chips were popular picks—some swear by having a snack for the ride home.

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