The 2-Ingredient Chip Dip That Is Full Of Zesty BBQ Sauce Flavor

Chips and dip
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A luxe caramelized onion dip or a spicy black bean dip has its place at a sophisticated soiree, but when you are kicking back at home, ease is the key to any chip dip. Whether you are hosting a tailgating party or tucked under the covers in bed watching a scary movie, creating a dip that everyone will love to scoop up with their Fritos, potato and corn chips, but that doesn't take a lot of work, is key. That's why you need this two-ingredient chip dip that uses just sour cream and barbecue sauce to create a zesty flavor.

Sour cream is the base of many good dips and that's because it's kind of a blank canvas. Its thick, creamy consistency and tangy flavor make it perfect to dress up or down with minimal effort. Juxtapose this with barbecue sauce, which offers a range of flavors that encompass sweet, smoky, and fiery hot, and you have an ingredient marriage made in taste bud heaven. Depending on the level of flavor you are shooting for, you will want to add anywhere from roughly one and a half tablespoons to half a cup of barbecue sauce to 2 cups of sour cream to create this dip.

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Other Ways To Use Your Dip

Sour cream and barbecue sauce
Sour cream and barbecue sauce - Mariha-kitchen/Getty Images

Feel free to make your simple sour cream barbecue sauce ahead of time because this is a dip that actually gets better as it chills in the fridge and all the flavors of the barbecue sauce permeate the sour cream. Of course, if you want to amp up the flavor with some seasonings or an acid, go right ahead. A packet of ranch dressing mix will add a zesty and savory element to this dip while a little squeeze of lemon juice or a splash of vinegar is going to brighten and add a little zing to your sauce. If you want to really spice it up, break out your jalapeño or give it a shake of cayenne pepper.

What you will love about this dip is how versatile it is. You can use it for your chips just as easily as you can pair it with your favorite chicken nuggets or your favorite grilled cheese sandwich for a little dipping action. And speaking of sandwiches, this would make a great spread for your favorite sweet and savory club or a BLT.

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