The 2 Cheeses Ina Garten Uses To Enhance Roasted Cauliflower

Ina Garten smiling wearing earrings
Ina Garten smiling wearing earrings - Taylor Hill/Getty Images
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Ina Garten sets up a stress-free dinner like no other, so it makes sense that when she makes cauliflower, it's not a big production. She knows the easiest way to cook fresh cauliflower is to roast it. This cooking method brings out the sweetness of this cruciferous veggie, but Garten doesn't leave the taste of it to chance. The Barefoot Contessa enhances the flavor of her roasted cauliflower by sprinkling two cheeses on it: Gruyere and parmesan. Of course, this dish is perfectly delicious in its simplicity, straight out of the oven, but as Garten notes, "Cheese makes everything taste better" (via Food Network).

The beauty of cauliflower is it doesn't turn mushy when you roast it and instead maintains a degree of firmness which gives it a nice, delicate crunch; however, it is still able to soak up the flavors and oils with which you might season it. The ingredients Garten uses to finish it add flavor and a warm, gooey element to the end product, giving your mouth all the feels when your teeth bite into it.

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The Cheeses Form A Dynamite Duo

Roasted cauliflower with herbs
Roasted cauliflower with herbs - Lilechka75/Getty Images

But before you pile on the shredded cheese, be judicious. You aren't trying to smother the cauliflower in Gruyere and parmesan to mask the flavor of this vegetable. Your goal is to add just enough so that when you or your family eat it, your mouth feels the sweet and savory balance of the cheeses and cauliflower. Gruyere is going to add a creamy, nutty taste to your roasted cauliflower, while the parmesan is going to add a sharp, tangy salty note. Together, they create a taste worth savoring without overwhelming your taste buds.

That said, beware that Gruyere cheese is a little on the dense side and takes longer to melt than the parmesan, and plan accordingly. But if you like the way this cheese combo works together and the flavor punch they bring to roasted cauliflower, don't be afraid to try it in a roasted cauliflower mac and cheese recipe. You can also use this dynamic duo for a cauliflower au gratin. And don't forget the herbs. Parsley, chopped rosemary, or even minced garlic make perfect additions to this dish. Serve hot or at room temperature.

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