The 2,000 HP 'Production' Drako Dragon Still Reeks of Vaporware

2026 Drako Dragon
2026 Drako Dragon

Over the summer, we showed you initial images of the Drako Dragon, an electric SUV that would allegedly make 2,000 hp and hit 200 mph. Drako also promised a zero-to-60 time of 1.9 seconds and a 9.0-second quarter-mile time. Oh, and it also had gullwing doors.

At the time, it seemed unlikely to happen. Anyone can render a car and claim it will have a bajillion horsepower. But now the production version has finally been revealed, so take that, everyone who accused the Drako Dragon of being vaporware.

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2026 Drako Dragon interior
2026 Drako Dragon interior

Except, well, Drako says deliveries won’t begin until 2026. That’s not exactly soon. If the production car is ready, what’s the holdup? 2024 might still sound reasonable, but 2026? Consider us officially very skeptical.

To be fair, Drako has actually built at least one real car. Whether anyone’s bought one is still a question, but a human person at Automobile did drive the $1.25 million Fisker Karma-based Drako GTE. That’s more than you can say about a lot of startup EV brands. Then again, people have also been given rides in the Faraday Future FF91, and that car still might not ever go on sale.

Drako Dragon - A New Kind of Hypercar

If you take the company at its word, the Dragon still has its original performance specs, and thanks to a three-stage suspension that can raise the ride height from 6.4 inches to 12.4 inches, it “feels less like a car and more like a spaceship.” It will seat five with an interior that’s “wrapped in Europe’s finest, most sumptuous leather, exuding luxury and comfort, with a unique layout and easy ingress/egress.” And it will have a 420-mile range. Pricing starts at $290,000.

So, yeah. That’s it. That’s the production Drako Dragon that reservation holders will receive starting in 2026. Allegedly.

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