1958 Chevy Impala Looks For Redemption

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Could this be the start of this car’s journey to revival?

Oh yes Des Moines Iowa, known for its depressing winters, slipknot origin story, and now this incredible classic car. It was about time that the old place showed some more of its history with the world in the form of an automotive masterpiece. Or perhaps it should rather be called a Disasterpeace , simply because of its current condition. However, don’t fear for the life of this automobile as it is currently in the process of restoration and will soon be on the road again.

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The vehicle in question is a 1958 Chevrolet Impala, a luxurious vintage vehicle to say the least. Models like this became incredibly popular in the late 1950s for many reasons. Sometimes it was because the people like bigger cars, others because of the interior design and comfort, well some enjoyed the vehicles because they had a pretty good range of performance options available. For the time, this was one spicy meatball but nowadays modern car enthusiasts might laugh at it because it seems to be little more than a rolling shell.

To those pretentious enough to claim superiority over this vehicle because of its state, you had better watch out for what this car may soon become. It might be a little while before the impala is back to its original state or possibly even better drama because Iowa gets really cold in the winter which puts a damper on things for car guys sometimes. However when summer time comes back around, or spring if the builder is really dedicated, this car would likely be a completely different look than what we see in the video. Whatever happens now, at least the car got out of the garage it’s been sitting in for possible decades in hopes of reviving its spectacular life.

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