19 Top-Rated Makeup Removers From Sephora That Take It All Off

Morgan Ashley Parker

How satisfying is it to see makeup on a cotton swab after you've wiped it away? (Answer: Very.) Not only is it proof your face is getting clean, when it only takes one swipe, it makes a commitment to always cleansing your face before bed that much less stressful. But, while there are some traditional face washes that are powerful enough to remove makeup, if you're a fan of waterproof products, there's a good chance you need a little extra help.

We read through hundreds of reviews at Sephora and picked out 19 top-rated makeup removers that other shoppers love the most. Because not everyone likes a creamy texture, there are oils, sprays, balms, and gels here. Even if you don't wear much makeup, long-lasting sunscreen is often very difficult to remove as well, even though there's no tell-tale sign you haven't gotten it all off.

Ahead, see the best makeup removers at Sephora that get the job done.