19 Honest Opinions Reveal What Newer Generations Will Never Truly Understand

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When it comes to growing up, every generation is different. Whether it's the throwback traditions or retro hairstyles, there's always one thing you'll remember even years later.

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When Reddit user u/Bagolyvagymi asked, "What's something that newer generations will never understand?" people were not shy to chime in.

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We've rounded up the most memorable responses that'll give you some serious nostalgia if you grew up with Blockbuster, MapQuest, and more. Check them out below:

1."Taking pictures, then waiting for them to be developed to see if they turned out OK."

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2."Making plans to meet friends and having to commit because you didn't have mobile phones to ask where they were, how far, and if they were still coming."

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3."How we got around without GPS navigation."

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4."Slamming down the receiver on a landline telephone. Pushing the red button is not nearly as satisfying."

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5."Being able to be an idiot in your formative years and not worry about it being filmed and/or put on the internet forever."

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6."Checking the pay phone change return for any forgotten coins."

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7."Not being able to binge a show unless you literally recorded a bunch of episodes from TV on to a bunch of VHS tapes."

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8."The frustration of cassettes getting tape mangled."

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9."How to use the card catalog in the library. Like the ones with the cards in the drawers."

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10."The difficulty of not being able to instantly find the answer to questions."

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11."Not being able to watch whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted. We actually had to look up the shows schedule in a TV guide and be available when it came on."

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12."How about not knowing who was calling. Was it your crush? Your grandma? A telemarketer? It's like a game show every time the phone rings."

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13."Cranking the rear window in a car by hand."

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14."The street lamps mean it’s time to go home."

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15."What being at home or not had to do with missing a phone call."

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16."Getting lost in your car and just having to figure it out."

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17."Having a three-ring binder of CDs for road trips."

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18."Having to buy the entire album to get one song you liked or wait for it to come on the radio and record it. Missing any part of the song was unacceptable, and you had to wait until it was played again."

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19."Be kind. Rewind."

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What would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments!

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.