19 Sandra Oh Behind-The-Scenes Moments That Will Have You Swooning Over Her

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Well, we probably don't have to over-explain it, but Sandra Oh is kind of a legend. She's the genius who embodied the inimitable Cristina Yang from Grey's Anatomy, the wild Eve Polastri from Killing Eve, and, most recently, the brilliant Ji-Yoon Kim from Netflix's The Chair.

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It's no secret that she's a light bulb of emotion in these roles. But she's rad behind-the-scenes as well — watch any interview with her, and you get the sense that she's a warm and funny human being who's generous with her answers!

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So, naturally, we've decided to gather our favorite Sandra Oh behind-the-scenes moments in one convenient place to celebrate how awesome she is!

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1.When she gave tips on how to kill (as in Killing Eve) it in InStyle's "Woman With Desk and Chair" segment.

Sandra Oh says: "Do something that scares the bejebus out of you"

This is very auntie-like advice, but it actually has a lot of merit!

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2.In a Marie Claire pop quiz segment, she explained that there are two things every woman should try at least once in her lifetime. First:

Sandra Oh says "I feel like every woman should learn how to box"
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Sandra Oh says "The other thing is to take off your clothes in a sexy way to music"
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3.When she talked about what she had in common with Cristina Yang while chatting on a panel at PaleyFest 2006.

Sandra Oh at PaleyFest: "The thing I have in common with her is that I'm a very messy person"
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4.And here's her on one of the things she loves most about Cristina:

Sandra Oh: "Another thing that I love about Cristina is that she is charmless"

"She's really charmless and kind of has no sense of humor. But I think that actually makes her quite funny."

The Paley Center for Media / Via youtube.com

5.This whole game of "Speak Out" on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she actually sounds decent?

Sandra Oh tries to say "Canadians love flying pucks and balls"

*Dakota Johnson lean* Yeah, we know exactly what Ellen and her producers were trying to do.

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6.When an interviewer on the red carpet at the Emmys asked Oh's mom how much she loves her daughter's show, and she just kisses her daughter...

Sandra Oh's mom kisses her on the red carpet

"Oh my God, that happened on film!"

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7.When she explained to Stephen Colbert what she was doing the night of the Golden Globes.

Sandra Oh: "Professional on stage and back stage crying"

Apparently she had a tough crowd at the Golden Globes...

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8.And then Colbert played her Golden Globes speech on the spot after saying that she seemed like an easy crier.

Sandra Oh: "This is what I learned in theater school. Just dab, it'll look like you're crying. I'm not crying"

Or is she?

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9.Later in the segment, she then told the story of how she met Yoko Ono and completely freaked out. It started like this:

Sandra Oh says she met Yoko Ono
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Here's what happened:

Sandra Oh: "Coming up to her, I didn't know that I could bow so low"

When Ono agreed to take a picture of her, she — you guessed it — burst out crying.

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10.When she explained her process for jumping onto the next project after Grey's Anatomy. It's actually...incredibly romantic?

Sandra Oh talks about how waiting for the right role is like falling in love
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11.This entire interview on her Instagram with The Linda Lindas.

Sandra Oh says she loves that it seems like The Linda Lindas are having fun

Precious. And yes, they're the geniuses behind "Racist, Sexist Boy."

user @iamsandraohinsta / Via Instagram: @iamsandraohinsta

12.This isn't necessarily an interview moment, per se, but remember the time that she spoke up at a rally against Asian hate in Pittsburgh?

Sandra Oh: "I am proud to be Asian"


Pitt News / Via youtube.com

13.Here's an incredibly honest and vulnerable answer she gave on Fresh Air when Terry Gross asked her about how she got the title role in Killing Eve.

Sandra Oh at premiere

"And that was really, like, a significant moment for me for understanding where I was as a person and understanding honestly how profound my internalized racism was. You know, I spend my — I've spent my entire career clearly and intentionally trying to make images that include myself and my community. And when I suddenly realized that I could not even see myself, I was really — I felt so ashamed and really sad."

Karwai Tang / WireImage / Via gettyimages.com

14.Her full-fledged crush confessions to her Killing Eve co-stars!

Sandra Oh talks about how she has a secret crush on Fiona Shaw and Jodie Comer

Again, same!

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15.In an interview with The Inclusive, Oh talked about how she was tired of playing the white woman's best friend and how she almost walked away from Grey's Anatomy before being cast because they almost didn't pay her what she wanted.

Sandra Oh: "The point being is, I was practicing asking for what I wanted. And I was willing to walk away from it"

A true badass just like Cristina Yang!

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16.When she quarantined at her sister's place in Vancouver and was jazzed to show off this cool, non-curated room to Seth Meyers.

Sandra Oh in sister's house

It's actually so endearing how excited she was to show off her family's stuff! Architectural Digest could never!

NBC / Via youtube.com

There's just a ping pong table and piano in the middle of the room!

Sandra Oh shows off ping pong table
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17.This whole behind-the-scenes exclusive with Net-a-Porter where she talked about her amazing hair!

Sandra Oh: "I always know that someone doesn't know my hair when they come at me with a hairbrush"

Yes, this looks very much like an #ad, but honestly, we could listen to Oh talk about her hair forever!

Net-a-Porter / Via youtube.com

18.When she showed Jimmy Kimmel her favorite picture of her parents because they couldn't be with her due to the pandemic.

Sandra Oh shows Jimmy Kimmel a picture of her parents

It's actually so heartwarming how often they go to her award shows and interviews!

ABC / Via youtube.com

19.When she talked about how getting the Killing Eve script from Phoebe Waller-Bridge was like falling in love...

Sandra Oh talks about getting the Killing Eve script and how it was like getting the sense of falling in love


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What's the charming Sandra Oh moment that made you fall in love with her even more? Drop it in the comments below!

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