19 Infuriating Photos Of People Who Don't Know How To Behave In Public

Aliens! They live among us. How do I know? Because some people are doing things so backward, so just plain WRONG, that there's only one explanation: They're aliens!

A GIF of two aliens
A GIF of two aliens

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Don't believe me? Here are some ETIs (extraterrestrial idiots):

1.This visitor from the Andromeda Galaxy definitely skimmed the "Clothing" section of the How to Be a Human handbook.

Person at a counter in cut-off jeans and a tank top made out of condom packs

2.And this alien from another planet was thinking, Heh, heh! Look at me! I'm a totally convincing human enjoying a movie in a theater while working on my laptop!

A person sitting in a movie theater with an open laptop in their lap

3.These humanoids tried — and failed — to convincingly name a baby like typical human parents.

They're pretty sure they're naming their newborn "Reighfyl," pronounced like "rifle"

4.And these visitors from outer space also tried to replicate normal human parental behavior...but missed the mark.

Text exchange between parents saying how their teenagers still don't know the alphabet, days of the week, times tables, or capital cities

5.This "young lady" (but almost certainly a visitor from another universe) thought it was very normal and very human to repeatedly have sex on the stairs of her apartment building.

A handwritten letter to a "young lady" about how "the stairs is not where you entertain and have sex; we've seen you in various states of undress"

6.This Martian hoped to give the appearance of being a normal human by selling something online (as humans are known to do), but didn't quite pull it off.

A bunch of photos of false teeth against a ruler, with the text "Full teeth set $100 X14; selling my uncle's full teeth set, only worn three times; only reason for selling is he owes me money"

7.Ditto for this otherworldly creature who tried in vain to take a totally normal human photo of the product he was selling.

He's selling "Yeezys," and the photo shows the shoes being worn by someone with their legs in the air and their underwear and jeans down around their ankles

8.This being from beyond attempted to have a normal familial interaction over Facebook.

"If you weren't my cousin — wait, that's never bothered me before lol"

9.And this little green (shirted) man has got to be from the same planet as the last guy.

A person sitting in a casino with a T-shirt that says "Legalize mother/son marriage" on the back

10.Oh boy. This alien managed to get a human woman to marry him, but he really failed at being a normal human husband.

Very long text from a wife asking how to handle the fact that her husband, who used to just use his blanket to masturbate into, has started using hers, too, and she's afraid to confront him about the "crunchy spots" she's noticing at night on the blanket

11.This visitor from outer space clearly didn't understand where it's acceptable for a human to smoke.

Person smoking just inside the back door of a bus

12.And this extraterrestrial visitor REALLY didn't understand where they should smoke a cigarette. Like, take a look at the How to Be a Human handbook, Zombip!

Person flicking their lit cigarette on top of an "AmeriGas propane exchange" machine marked "Flammable" and "No Smoking"

13.This truck owner was trying a little too hard to distract everyone from the fact that aliens exist.

Pickup truck with messages like "FlatEarth101 dot com" and "NASA is a hoax they know that UR stupid" written all over it

14.This Venusian hoped to blend in on Earth by committing the common human crime of "shoplifting," but didn't do it at the right place.

A social media post of someone in jeans and various tops and underwear, showing themselves "leaving Goodwill with 5 items under [their] clothes"

15.This ET just learned the concept of "returning" a product to a store, so they looked around their home to find something they could return like a very normal human creature.

A person pulling a cart with three huge, soiled pieces of a sectional

16.These former star dwellers tried really, REALLY hard to look like a normal, human couple...but aren't there yet.

They're standing in line at a deli; she's in shorts, and he has his entire hand inside the back of them

17.This regular "human" was just driving around openly drinking a tallboy at 10 a.m.

A guy driving a car with their left hand with a can of Miller in their right hand

18.This truck driver came from a faraway planet that lacks the human concept of appropriateness.

A truck on the highway with the handwritten note "Brighten a day flash a trucker" on the back

19.And this truck driver was clearly from the planet QAnon.

The back of a truck on the highway with a long handwritten list under the heading "Democrats," including fake dossier, fake virus, fake impeachment, Dominion voting machines, transgender indoctrination, unfair reparations, and pizzagate

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