19 People Who Completely, Totally, 100% Regret Literally Every Damn Decision They Made Last Week

·2 min read

1. The person who had a comically sized fruit mess up their whole entire world:

2. The person pioneering new underwear fashion:

3. The person who miiiiiight want to get that siding looked at:

4. The person who I hope likes their pasta extra cronchy:

5. The person who gave their cash a nice little trim:

6. The person who now must never return to this car:

7. The person who enjoyed a delicious mouthful of soap, for some reason:

8. The person who made waffles with a waffle mix compote:

9. The person who got to see this beautiful, stunning sight:

10. The person whose friend is clearly some sort of ancient beast:

11. The person who will now be the leading image on Wikipedia for 'pyrrhic victory':

12. The person whose burn feels sorry for 'em:

13. The person who tried and failed to send an important text:

14. The person who got trapped by the backpack they loved the most:

15. The person who lost this right before hopping on a train:

16. The person whose bucket might be the least of their concerns:

17. The person who will never, ever be able to use those scissors again:

18. The person who's eatin' RAW tonight:

19. And the person who lost their poor, poor car companions: