19 Painted Fireplace Ideas for a Cozy, Modern Update

These designer-approved fireplaces prove that a little color goes a long way when it comes to this beloved focal point.

<p>Molly Winters Culver</p>

Molly Winters Culver

Whether your fireplace adds a warm ambience to your living room or serves as a cozy focal point in your bedroom, it always makes sense to give this architectural attribute a moment to shine. Painting your fireplace is a quick way to do exactly that while also adding a modern touch and infusing some personality. The transformation can often be quite striking.

If you’ve been contemplating picking up a paintbrush to make over your own hearth, draw some inspiration from these painted fireplaces featured in real homes.

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Minimalist Matte Black

<p>Dana Gallagher</p>

Dana Gallagher

Want to keep your painted fireplace low-key but still make an impact? Dip your paintbrush in a true matte black and have at it. Every inch of this hearth was coated in this licorice hue, with a patterned hearth to give it some pop.

Brick in Robin's Egg Blue

<p>Sara Tramp Photography, Hayley English Interiors</p>

Sara Tramp Photography, Hayley English Interiors

Whether you're channeling a coastal-inspired ambiance or are leaning into a cottage chic aesthetic, a playful burst of robin's egg blue on your hearth is a great way to go. Here, Hayley English Interiors married the painted fireplace with a pale blue wall and neutrals.

Layered Greens

If creamy whites and cool grays don't quite excite your senses, take your cue from this layered green fireplace design. Two slightly-contrasting shades join forces with accents of glimmering gold and opulent, veined marble.

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Modern Organic Black and White

<p>Emily Minton Redfield Photo, Truss Interiors</p>

Emily Minton Redfield Photo, Truss Interiors

Opt for bold contrast by painting your fireplace a combination of inky black and crisp white. Wood paneling on either side of the hearth offers warmth while softening the high-contrast effect. And because it's a neutral palette, you can easily infuse other colors into the space, like Truss Interiors does here with shades of green and blue.

Color-Drenched Navy Blue

<p>Sarah Stacey Interior Design</p>

Sarah Stacey Interior Design

Who says a statement wall can't include a fireplace? In this design by Sarah Stacey Interior Design, a bold navy blue hue was painted across the entire side wall for an ultra-saturated effect. Even the inner spaces of the built-in shelving and lower cabinets are painted the same color.

Maximalist Soft Gray

<p>Dustin Peck, Michael Mitchel</p>

Dustin Peck, Michael Mitchel

Here's proof that simple gray is sometimes one of the best shades to use if you have maximalist sensibilities. It provides the perfect backdrop for a smattering of all sorts of colors, as pictured in this playful and fresh design by interior designer Michael Mitchel.

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Creamy White With a Wood Mantel

<p>Nicole Gerulat Photography, Alice Lane Interiors</p>

Nicole Gerulat Photography, Alice Lane Interiors

This double cream moment dreamed up by Alice Lane Interiors creates a soft, low contrast effect that's calming for the senses. It also helps the room feel bright and airy. A wood mantel blends into the space while a zebra print chair offers fun visual intrigue.

Half Black, Half Lime Washed

<p>David Land / Keita Turner Design</p>

David Land / Keita Turner Design

Those who are struggling to commit to a fully painted fireplace can draw some inspiration from this halfsies approach taken by Keita Turner Design. The lower portion is painted dark black while the upper features lime-washed brick.

Peachy-Pink All Over

This pinky-peach color used in Martha's Skyland Guest House Living Room is one that'll never fail to dazzle. Opt for the fully saturated approach pictured here for an extra bold statement; even the mirror frame and window trim are painted the same hue!

Black With a Pop of Blue Brick

<p>The Finish</p>

The Finish

Painting your fireplace a combination of black and blue offers a modern touch, as pictured in this design by The Finish. Extend the black across the entire wall to create a neutral backdrop and help make the space feel even more cohesive.

Gray Highlighted With Cream

<p>David Livingston Photography, Design Alchemy</p>

David Livingston Photography, Design Alchemy

A soft and elegant duo of cream and gray pair beautifully on this beehive fireplace. Design Alchemy added sophisticated whimsy to the space via colorful plates, brass sconces, and lots of texture throughout the living room.

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Light Teal With Natural Brick

<p>The Finish</p>

The Finish

For a subtler spin on a blue fireplace, consider this light teal shade utilized in a dining room designed by The Finish. And note that you don't have to paint the entire thing; leaving some exposed brick on the interior of the hearth creates beautiful contrast.

German Schmear Brick

<p>Courtesy of Janis Nicolay</p>

Courtesy of Janis Nicolay

The German schmear technique involves using a special type of thick white paint/mortar that delivers a rustic, lived-in effect. It's smeared unevenly with a sponge or cloth, and excess is carefully removed to create that wow-worthy distressed finish.

Mod and Minimal Crisp White

<p>J. Ashley Photo, Serenbe</p>

J. Ashley Photo, Serenbe

Fancy yourself a minimalist? An all-white fireplace might be exactly what your space needs for you to feel at home. A smooth fireplace painted a crisp white feels clean, fresh, and modern in this living room designed by Serenbe. Wood accents and a bit of greenery provide the right amount of contrast.

Warm Taupe on Brick

<p>Mr + Mrs Sharp, Serenbe</p>

Mr + Mrs Sharp, Serenbe

If you're looking for a not-quite-white color that offers lots of depth, set your sights on a warm taupe like this one. This neutral paint color is earthy and inviting,, providing a beautiful canvas for your décor.

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Ocean Blue on White

<p>Molly Winters Culver</p>

Molly Winters Culver

All white walls are beautiful in their own right, but sometimes they call for an infusion of color. Lots of colors work, but there's something about an ocean blue hue—like the one featured in this design—that just makes sense.

Wall-to-Wall Soft Sage Green

<p>Andreas von Einsiedel / Getty</p>

Andreas von Einsiedel / Getty

Soft sage is the color of choice in this English cottage-style home. It works perfectly with the aesthetic, but also keep it in mind for other interior styles, too. It'd work well in mid-century homes, mountain-modern spaces, and many other aesthetics.

White Against Pink

<p>Lauren Engel, Victoria Holly Interiors</p>

Lauren Engel, Victoria Holly Interiors

Bold is easy, but delicate is gorgeous. For a softer vibe, try painting your hearth a pale shade of pink, as pictured in this beautiful design by Victoria Holly Interiors. The fireplace frame is painted cream to add subtle contrast, and a wooden mantel helps add texture and dimension.

Contrasting Neutrals

<p>Emily Minton Redfield Photo, Truss Interiors</p>

Emily Minton Redfield Photo, Truss Interiors

This design by Truss Interiors shows that you can create striking contrast even when using neutrals. The beehive fireplace is painted a crisp white, while the walls feature a soft beige hue. Wood beams, lots of neutrals, and pops of color help the space feel cozy.

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