Kate Middleton is Giving Birth ANY MINUTE! 19 Times She Looked Perfect While Pregnant

While we wait with bated breath for Royal Baby #2 to arrive, it seemed like a good opportunity to reflect on Kate Middleton's exceptional pregnancy style. Not only does she make the whole process of carrying a human in your womb look easy, but she also manages to do so with a smile. Over the course of her first and second pregnancies, she has tried not to draw too much attention to herself (at least not in an overt way), by wearing beautiful, slightly boxy overcoats. They usually came in bright bold colors or would feature a funky pattern—only helping to keep the distractions to a minimum. Another trick? Placing her hands directly in front of her stomach, usually while holding a clutch or a bag. This looks like a protective measure, but is actually a proper way to stand (especially if you're a royal). See what other style lessons you can take away from the Duchess in this slideshow that celebrates her second pregnancy.

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