19 Nike It Items That Keep Flying Out of Stock

Allyson Payer

In my 36 years, I can't recall a time when Nike sneakers weren't popular. Everyone loves them. But I also can't recall a time when Nike clothing and accessories have been as popular as they are right now. My Instagram is flooded with stylish people wearing Nike gear, and I'm not just talking about the socks (which are still constantly sold out).

So what's behind the big Nike everything craze? A few things, as I see it. For starters, comfort has been the biggest buzzword in fashion this year, given the circumstances the global health crisis has put us in. Also, I happen to think that Nike is just making cooler stuff. They seem to have a firm grasp on the wearable, affordable streetwear sector and just continue to give the people what they want (i.e. sweatshorts, matching sets, and more cool socks). As a result, retailers can hardly keep certain Nike pieces in stock. I basically online shop for a living and do frequent checks of the Nike inventory on the likes of Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, and its own e-commerce site, and I've noticed quite a few hot items. Keep scrolling to shop them before they fly out of stock again, and see some of my favorite Nike outfit inspiration via Instagram while you're at it.

The tennis player trend came out of nowhere but is only getting bigger.

Nike Maria Tennis Skirt ($75)

Nike One 7" Shorts ($40)

My favorite bike shorts now come in more colors, and I'm excited about it.

Nike Sportswear Jersey Midi Dress ($65)

If you need me I'll just be over here thinking of all the cool ways to style this.

Summer 2020 will be long remembered as the summer of Nike sweatshorts.

Nike Essential Shorts ($40)

Meet the new color of everyone's favorite sweatshorts.

Nike Sportswear Retro Print Crop Top ($40)

Cute outfit.

Nike head-to-toe? Based on this look, it seems like a great idea.

Nike Sheer Training Ankle Socks ($14)

I bought these immediately when I first saw them.

Nike Icon Clash Running Shorts ($55)

It can be argued that nylon running shorts are the new sweatshorts.

A Nike windbreaker is a great thing to have in your closet.

Nike Icon Clash Convertible Shell Track Jacket ($100)

If Net-a-Porter stocks it, you know it's cool.

Nike Sportswear Short Sleeve Jersey Crop Top ($45)

Seems useful, don't you think?

Nike Sportswear Essential Tank ($30)

The square neck is what sold me on this.

This is an excellent use of those Nike socks you probably acquired this summer.

Nike Pink Sportswear Jersey Dress ($70)

Cute with socks and sneakers, as you can see.

Nike Tempo Running Shorts ($30)

You can get these on Amazon, so that's fun.

Vintage Nike vibes.

Nike Pink Air Force 1 Sage Sneakers ($135)

Celebrities like Bella Hadid will never tire of Air Force 1s.

Nike Sportswear Essential T-Shirt Dress ($45)

I don't typically like T-shirt dresses, but I think I do now.

Nike Sportswear Icon Clash Shorts ($40)

These are selling FAST, so don't hesitate.

There's nothing wrong with keeping it simple and cozy.

Nike Sportswear Jersey Shorts ($40)

The longer length is chic.

Nike Beige Air Tailwind '79 SE Sneakers ($130)

I found your new fall sneakers (you're welcome!).

My Nike baseball cap is on frequent rotation this summer.

Nike Black NSW Futura Classic Cap ($20)

Such a dad hat, in the best way possible.

Next up: I'm 5'4" and these are the only bike shorts I'll wear.

Nike Sportswear Washed Bucket Hat ($32)

I think I might need this one too. Just take all my money, Nike.

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