19 Female TV Characters That Would Absolutely Make The Invite List To Girls Night

In honor of Women's History Month, I am celebrating TV's fiercest fictional females by addressing one very important question: Which characters would be invited to the ultimate girls-night-in gathering?

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No boys allowed! I'm talking wine, charcuterie, and limitless snacks.

The invites are out! There are plenty of notable women who grace the small screen, but here are the characters making the cut:

1.Miriam "Midge" Maisel (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel)

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Midge is a true VIP for this guest list. If it's a girl's night in, she would probably arrive with rollers in her hair, ready to improv a lengthy stand-up bit. She would bring the jokes, the face masks, the brisket, and enough female empowerment to fill an entire room. Midge is one of the most marvelous women on television right now, as she continually defies the gender roles set in place during her time. She is awe-inspiringly hilarious and independent!

Unique Talent: Has the best one-liners.

2.Alexis Rose (Schitt's Creek)

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You know Alexis would be thrilled to leave the Rosebud Motel for a night if it means hashing out a bit of local gossip. She would probably scrounge up some decor for girls night (from whatever is available at Rose Apothecary — Ew, David!) and take charge without a second thought! She's a natural-born leader who undergoes a ton of growth and character development throughout the six seasons of Schitt's Creek. A journey to self-improvement? Love that for her!

Unique Talent: Being the ultimate hype woman (a boop on the nose included).

3.Maeve Millay (Westworld)

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Though Maeve was artificially designed to be part of a high-tech, futuristic theme park, she begins to realize the reality of her existence and becomes a fiercely powerful and complex character in the Westworld series. She is highly intelligent, a skilled warrior, and a mama bear who will do anything to protect her child no matter the circumstances. Who needs Alexa to DJ your music when you have Maeve?

Unique Talent: Is a superhuman robot.

4.Princess Margaret (The Crown)

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There are a million reasons to love The Crown, but personally, I live and breathe for the pinnacle "Margaret" episode every season. Portrayed in two variants (Vanessa Kirby and Helena Bonham Carter, respectively), Margaret is sassy, fabulous, fashionable, and says exactly what's on her mind, despite the demands of being part of a very public family. Her story is peppered with tragedy and hardship, but seeing her spirit and strength adapted to the screen is truly memorable. Also, Margaret would be the life of the party!

Unique Talent: Has an incomparable collection of sunglasses.

5.Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones)

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Anyone who introduces herself as the Rightful Ruler of the Seven Kingdoms, the Mother of Dragons, and the Breaker of Chains is invited to this party. Not only is Dany the ultimate pet mom to her dragons, she is also a strong and resilient khaleesi/queen in every sense. She would also braid everyone's hair and probably burn our exes to the ground. *Cue Midge starting a bit about accidentally falling in love with your nephew*

Unique Talent: DRACARYS.

6.Olivia Pope (Scandal)

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Olivia Pope will forever remain one of TV's most iconic powerhouses. This woman can handle any crisis thrown her way — and there are a lot of them throughout Scandal's seven-season run because that's how Shondaland rolls. At the time of the series premiere, she was also the first Black female lead on network television since the early 1970s. Olivia is on this invite list because she's an absolute legend with an understated ability to rule the world.

Unique Talent: Could curate a bomb wine list.

7.Lorelai Gilmore (Gilmore Girls)

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We are 100% getting takeout if Lorelai Gilmore has any say. She's coming equipped with a vat of coffee (no decaf allowed) and a bunch of old-school DVDs. Lorelai is the quintessential mom and best friend who will undoubtedly go down as the wittiest fast-talker in all of TV history. Oh, I'll make sure to schedule this shindig on a Friday so that she can skip a dreaded Friday Night Dinner.

Unique Talent: The ability to rival Midge Maisel in banter.

8.Mare Sheehan (Mare of Easttown)

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Alright, so Mare would probably drop by for about 20 minutes tops, but she still makes the invite list. She's gritty, she's layered, she's real, and she's one of the best female characters to grace our TVs in 2021. She would probably bring exactly one cheesesteak (for herself) and then decide she actually has to go finish solving a murderous crime.

Unique Talent: Is a crime-solving genius.

9.Mindy Lahiri (The Mindy Project)

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Mindy (whose warrior name is "Beyoncé Pad Thai," according to herself) is one of the funniest women on television. She's relatably obsessed with binge-watching TV and consistently teaches us great life lessons such as we all have the right to "life, liberty, and chicken wings." Mindy embodies that very real hot-mess feeling of adulthood, but she's equally successful and strong-headed! This girl has a self-proclaimed sweet tooth, so I'm guessing she would attend girl's night with a delectable snack tray in tow.

Unique Talent: Most likely to spout well-timed pop culture references.

10.Penelope Featherington (Bridgerton)

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Lady Whistledown in the house! Penelope is a true icon, not only because she penned the 1800s version of the "Gossip Girl" blog, but because she's also a shining example of a woman who is not about to succumb to the pressures of society — and old-school regency society at that! We quickly see that Penelope values education over finding a husband and she channels her wit into creating her Lady Whistledown alter ego, thus, pretty much running the town.

Unique Talent: Being an eloquent and creative writer. The 2022-version of Penelope would be a BuzzFeed contributor for sure.

11.Claire Fraser (Outlander)

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Outlander's sixth season just premiered on March 6, and its latest installment is certain to bring more of this time-traveling gal. She's brave, resourceful, witty, and about 50 times brighter than every male character in this series. (To be fair, she also has the advantage of knowing what's going to happen in the future, but I digress...) There's really nothing Claire can't do, as we see her outsmart bad guys, tend to the sick and wounded with her sharp medical skillset, navigate motherhood, and deal with lots of drama due to those Stones. If this wasn't a girls night, I'd say bring Jaime too.

Unique Talent: Knows the remedy for any illness or injury.

12.Eleven (Stranger Things)

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The youngest member of this list is also one of the most powerful. Not only does Eleven, now known as "El", have the ability to slay malicious creatures of the Upside Down and move things with her mind, but she's also the epitome of girl power. El is busy navigating the universe of boys, friends, adolescence, and, well, alternate universes, but if she can make it to girls night in her spare time, we'll put on some '80s jams for good measure.

Unique Talent: Has demogorgon-slaying abilities.

13.Phoebe Buffay (Friends)

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Finding a friend like Phoebe is an essential conquest in young adulthood. Like anyone, she has her highs and lows, but she's ultimately a supportive, encouraging, and honest pal to have in your corner. It can't be confirmed as to whether Phoebe Buffay or Regina Phalange would show up to our fictional event, but either is welcome as long as we get a live performance of "Smelly Cat" (or perhaps a mashup with "A Little Bit Alexis"?) Phoebe is unapologetically herself and for that, she remains a timeless and beloved character!

Unique Talent: Songwriting genius.

14.Lexi Howard (Euphoria)

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In the disturbing and complex world of being a teenager, Lexi Howard is a beacon of hope. She's debatably the most easygoing of the Euphoria crew and truly has her friends' best interests in mind. She continuously stays true to herself and tries to do the right thing, so it makes sense that she connects with angel-baby drug dealer Fez. Lexi would by far be one of the most chill friends to hang with during a Friday night in.

Unique Talent: Playwright extraordinaire.

15.Raven Baxter (That's So Raven)

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Before you come at me for including a Disney Channel character on this list, log into Disney+ and rewatch the masterful classic that is That's So Raven. Yeah, it's created for kids, but along with the OG gems like Lizzie McGuire, Proud Family, and Even Stevens, this family-friendly series is kinda smart and funny...even as an adult. Raven is not only a strong female lead, but she also might be one of the funniest attendees on this list. I anticipate her reaction to most conversations would be "Ya naaasty!" Plus, she could tell everyone their futures.

Unique Talent: Can gaze into the future.

16.Leslie Knope (Parks and Recreation)

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Pawnee's devoted leader is a stand-up citizen and a great example of a woman driven by professional aspirations. Leslie has a heart of gold and doesn't fit the trope of successful women doing anything it takes to reach the top. She actively lifts others up rather than tearing them down and is ever a hardworking dreamer. This girls night is officially Galentine's Day–themed and there will be waffles served.

Unique Talent: Most likely to make everyone play an icebreaker. Also most likely to give the best compliments.

17.Jane Villanueva (Jane the Virgin)

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Jane begins her series as a soft-spoken follower who isn't too keen on standing up for herself. Though life throws a few unexpected trials her way, along with a whole lot of high-stakes drama, Jane comes into herself as someone who is smart, resilient, and knows what she deserves! She is also an example of a hardworking woman who balances family while still working toward her dreams.

Unique Talent: Most likely to turn this evening's events into a script for a telenovela.

18.Fleabag (Fleabag)

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In Fleabag, Phoebe Waller-Bridge is the creator, writer, and titular star of a series chronicling the ups and downs of being an adult. As the audience, we hear her character's awkward, ugly, and honest thoughts, in what is a hilarious journey with plenty of heartwarming depth. Fleabag's invite will, tragically, have to be addressed to "Fleabag" since the show never divulges the main character's real name.

Unique Talent: Most likely to be narrating the events of girls night to an invisible audience.

19.The Dowager Countess of Grantham (Downton Abbey)

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The night would not be complete without the presence of Downton Abbey royalty, Violet Crawley. Her mere existence in the show is to deliver witty and snappy one-liners, but she also bestows some useful tidbits of wisdom to younger generations too. In a time that wasn't catered to women having any say, the dowager countess decides she's going to demand respect and have a voice.

Unique Talent: Zero tolerance for nonsense.

Wow, I'm going to need a bigger charcuterie board for this gathering. Which other fictional TV women would you invite? Share your additions in the comments below!