19 Celebrities Who Have Done Hilarious Impersonations Of Other Famous People

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Impressions aren't easy to nail. But while they're usually left to the cast of Saturday Night Live, some celebs have totally mastered the art of imitation.

Team Coco/Giphy / Via giphy.com

It's even better when a celeb impersonates another famous person, making for a hilarious full-circle moment.

Check out some of the best impressions:

1.Selena Gomez could have been the star of two Disney shows with this Miley Cyrus impression:

2.Anne Hathaway does a surprisingly good Matthew McConaughey:

3.And Matt Damon has mastered Matthew McConaughey too:

4.If you close your eyes, Ariana Grande is Jennifer Coolidge:

5.She also does a pretty good Jennifer Lawrence:

6.Harry Styles was totally meant to be Mick Jagger:

7.Chris Pine aced his Christopher Walken impression:

8.And Bradley Cooper gave Christopher Walken a shot, too:

9.Bryan Cranston worked on his Kevin Hart impression on the set of The Upside:

10.Anna Kendrick has totally nailed Kristen Stewart's facial expressions:

11.Justin Timberlake clearly notices all of his BFF Jimmy Fallon's mannerisms:

12.Benedict Cumberbatch does a great impression of the late Alan Rickman:

13.And Eddie Murphy does a really good Tracy Morgan:

14.Vitoria Justice's amazing control over her eyebrows makes for the perfect impression of The Rock:

15.Julie Bowen mastered Sofia Vergara's accent after working together for years:

16.will.i.am casually slipped in this Michael Jackson impression:

17.Simon Helberg is Nicolas Cage's biggest fan and does a great impression:

18.Denzel Washington's Jay-Z impression is spot on:

19.And Ryan Reynolds does a hilarious Hugh Jackman: