18 Partners Who Turned Out To Be Major Jerks By Betraying Their Significant Others Prettyyyyy Badly

Relationships — especially romantic ones — are built on trust and support. Unfortunately, sometimes, people are not who you thought they were and they do something to betray your trust. I wanted to share this relatable Reddit thread that was filled with many people sharing the moment they knew they couldn't trust their partner anymore. Here is what people shared:

1."I dated a guy for 14 months. I found out he had given me a fake name, and then I found out he had a fiancé — still stings."

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2."She blatantly lied to my face repeatedly when I pointed out her words didn't align with her actions, and I was the one with the trust problems."


3."During a rough patch, instead of working through our problems, my partner was confiding everything to a coworker, which escalated into an emotional affair."

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4."After a family tragedy, my partner became distant instead of supportive and later admitted they just didn't want to deal with it."


5."My ex promised they had quit smoking for good, but I caught them many times, and they lied each instance."

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6."My girlfriend of 10 years admitted to having feelings for someone we knew and that she could no longer be monogamous. We broke up shortly after. That was two years ago. I'm stuck living alone in the house we bought together, and it's really grinding me down. Our lives were so intertwined, and now it all feels so fractured. It's so hard to heal when your environment reminds you of what you lost."


7."My ex promised me we were exclusive, but I later learned they were regularly on dating apps meeting up with others."

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8."My partner flirted with my best friend right in front of me at a party and acted like it was just a joke when I got upset."


9."My partner often dismissed my achievements and publicly credited themselves for my successes, undermining my hard work."


10."After financially supporting my partner through school, they left me right after graduating, saying they needed to 'find themselves.'"

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11."My ex withdrew a large amount of money from our joint account without telling me, using it to fund a lavish trip for themselves."


12."My partner once promised to support me during a major career change, but when I quit my job, they confessed they never believed in my goals."


13."My partner routinely made plans and broke them last minute, showing a lack of respect for my time and feelings."

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14."My ex volunteered me for commitments like parties or family events without asking, putting me in awkward situations repeatedly."


15."My ex hacked into my social media to manipulate messages, trying to isolate me from friends they didn’t like."

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16."I caught my ex spying on my emails and social media messages. They justified it by saying they were feeling insecure."


17."My partner had a secret post office box where they received letters and bills, hiding their financial troubles from me."


18."I dated a girl for around four years. We lived together for one. Towards the end of that last year, I was diagnosed with MS and damn near had a breakdown after I got the news. I went to a mental health treatment center for severe depression just to do a total reset on myself so I could be better for both her and me and focus on moving forward with life. I was only gone for two weeks and felt much better. On my train ride back, she told me she had been talking with another dude while I was gone and sending pictures back and forth. So that kind of reversed the progress I made in treatment. Needless to say, that ended."


Have you ever experienced betrayal from your partner? If so, share your story with me in the comments! This is a safe space.