18-Year-Old Cat Surrendered to Rescue Finds Comfort in a Donated Toy

There are so many gentle, loving pets waiting in shelters across the country, but not every animal gets the chance they deserve. In most cases, older animals wait a lot longer in shelters than their younger counterparts, even though they are just as fun, silly, and affectionate.

Just ask Baby! This 18-year-old shelter cat was surrendered to Tabby Tails Cat Rescue in Milton Center, Ohio, but all she wants is a loving home where she can be herself. For now, she's settling in with the other cats and owner Kay at Tabby Tails, and she even showed a bit of her personality as she played with a donated toy.

It likely goes without saying, but this February 20 video is as bittersweet as can be. It truly tugs on the heartstrings to know that this sweet old gal was surrendered by her owner, but it's a relief to see just how well she's doing despite all she's gone through.

What a beautiful little kitty! This tabby cat's tiger stripes could make anyone fall in love, but I nearly burst into tears watching her nudge the cat toy. Baby may be mostly blind and mostly deaf, but she still wants to play and have fun!

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In fact, her resilient personality shows just how wonderful shelter cats can be. Despite losing the only life she's ever known at 18 years old, she's getting more and more comfortable with Kay and her friends at Tabby Tails Cat Rescue. As Kay mentioned in the video's description, this poor girl still sometimes cries at night, but she's getting along great with other cats—and even with dogs!

Adopting an Older Cat

Even though many senior shelter pets spend a lot longer waiting for adoption, these animals couldn't be any more loving or worthy of a home. Baby is a perfect example of how a little time to decompress can help a cat start to show their truest colors. Older cats may need some extra time and patience from their adopters, but after a while, they'll be right at home!

Whether you're adopting a cat that's 18 months old or 18 years old, you'll want to know about the 3-3-3 rule. This concept explains how long it can take for rescue pets to reach certain levels of comfort in their new homes. For example, your new buddy may feel safe enough to start exploring their new home after 3 days, but around the 3-week mark, they'll be getting the hang of daily routines and habits. By the time they've been home for 3 months, they'll be almost fully acclimated!

Whoever adopts Baby will need to be patient with her as she adjusts, but they'll also be one of the luckiest cat owners out there. This resilient gal deserves the whole world!

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