18 Hilarious "Murderville" Moments That Make It Hard To Believe That It's Mostly Improv

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In search for a crumb of serotonin these trying days? For a roughly three-hour jolt of silly joy, check out Netflix's Murderville.

Ken Jeong in outline at crime scene
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The kooky series stars a post-BoJack Horseman Will Arnett as Terry Seattle, an utterly incompetent and heartbroken senior detective. In each episode, we see a new celebrity guest star try to crack the case as Terry's new trainee.

Will Arnett as Terry Seattle

Guests include Conan O'Brien, Marshawn Lynch, Kumail Nanjiani, Annie Murphy, Sharon Stone, and Ken Jeong.

Netflix / Via youtube.com

But here's the catch: The guests aren't given a script, so they have to improv while really trying to solve the case.

Marshawn Lynch crinkling face
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Suffice to say, hilarity and shenanigans ensue for a fun, goofy time in the six short-and-sweet, half-hour episodes!

Annie Murphy undercover
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Even though much of the show is ad libbed, there are definitely comedy gems all throughout the first season's short run. Ahead, we've rounded up the very best moments from Murderville.

1.When Conan O'Brien explained the murder to the child in the first episode.

Conan explains that magician cut her in half through skin, ligament, muscle, bone

I'm dead.


2.When Terry described the jalapeñ-joes.

Terry says jalapeñ-joes like throw up that's delicious

Shaking, crying, throwing up...deliciously.


3.Following up to that, here's Conan absolutely refusing any more hot sauce from Terry.

Conan refusing hot sauce

Who else just googled "Conan O'Brien Hot Ones" after this episode?


4.When Conan broke character after Terry absolutely lost it during the card trick.

Conan laughing while Terry ducks behind a chair

There's nothing better than Will Arnett absolutely overacting on this show.


5.When Conan pretended to eat Helen's famous chili at the culty M.A.M.A. meeting.

Conan pretending to eat chili

He learned from the jalapeñ-joes.


6.When Marshawn Lynch questioned what we all eventually become after death.

Marshawn Lynch asks if you become a vase

Yes, that's an urn with Terry's LATE AUNT.


7.When Marshawn proposed his name change.

Marshawn proposes name change

I am in tears.


8.When Marshawn mirrored Charles even though there was no two-way mirror.

Marshawn mirrors Charles

Because who has time to question the implausibility of this scenario?


9.When Marshawn said what we were all thinking.

Marshawn says "act like you can't. The f*ck"

Get with the program, Charles.


10.When Kumail told Terry to do an impression of a Pakistani guy without being racist.

Kumail tells Terry to do an impression of a Pakistani guy

This could have been SO BAD.


11.When Kumail did the "cool walk" as former classmate Cornelius Weinerbottom per Terry's direction.

Terry teaches Kumail how to do the cool walk

This is weirdly specific, and the fact that Kumail rolls with it is gold.


12.When Kumail then went along with the ugly walk schtick to make Terry look good in front of his high school crush, who's one of the murder suspects.

Terry does the cool guy walk and Kumail does ugly walk

This is a totally professional investigation, nothing weird going on at all.


13.When Annie Murphy tried not to crack undercover while Terry fed her lines through an earpiece.

Annie Murphy talks about Flapjack Orgasm

Yes, even Emmy-winning actor Annie Murphy isn't above cracking up at a "your mom" joke while undercover.


14.When Sharon Stone reaffirmed that she felt nothing for Terry whatsoever.

Sharon tells Terry that she feels nothing

Love is not in the air, but she might make a great Sludge business partner if she's willing to join Terry's MLM scheme.


15.When the corpse started laughing.

Corpse laughing

Professionalism is overrated anyway.


16.When Sharon dryly panned that "difficult" was usually the word people used to describe her.

Sharon says difficult is usually the word she gets

His description of her, meant to be a ploy to deride Dr. Alexander, is honestly so rude, but her dry humor is *chef's kiss*.


17.When Ken Jeong said that he was willing to go balls deep into the investigation.

Ken Jeong says that he's willing to go balls deep

And proceeded to break character.

Ken laughing

18.When Ken cracked under pressure after Terry told him to tell his cellmate that he murdered Santa Claus.

Ken said that he murdered Santa Claus

Yes, this is kind of a throwaway joke, but it's just so joyful to see how much of a sport Ken is despite how easily he cracks!


Did we miss any of your favorite deadliest moments from Murderville? Let us know in the comments below.