18 Photos Of Rules, Signs, And Policies That Toxic Work Places Actually Tried To Enforce

1.This notice telling employees they have to work on Christmas Eve no matter what:

A notice letting people know they have to work on Christmas Eve
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2.This sign telling employees there is a time limit on their BOWEL MOVEMENTS:

"When the lights go out, you have exceeded the average time needed."
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3.This daily affirmation that I can't believe someone thought was appropriate:

"Your triggers are your responsibility"
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4.This job listing with a strict requirement:

"We do not hire liberals"
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5.This note telling employees they're forbidden from discussing their compensation with each other:

"Conversing about wages (both on duty and off duty) is strictly forbidden."

Note says: "Effective immediately, conversing about wages (both on duty and off duty) is strictly forbidden.

This is considered proprietary information and as such, it is protected legally. If you are overheard speaking (OR LISTENING TO!!) a conversation in which wages are discussed, you will receive disciplinary action up to and including termination.

As a reminder, Kentucky is an at-will state, meaning your employment can be terminated for any reason without legal percussion. Or NO REASON."

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6.This "motivational" Post-It:

"You can not have a filet mignon lifestyle with a hot dog work ethic."
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7.This policy that told employees they had to clock in and out for lunch:

"Failure to do so will result in 45 minutes deducted from your time card."
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8.This job listing that someone actually typed up and thought sounded appealing:

"Do not take this paper!!"
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9.This notice telling employees they could not have access to their personal belongings:

"No personal items allowed in the building til further notice!!"
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10.This sign telling staff that the cost of broken items will be deducted from their paychecks:

"All breakages/damages to any stock or property will have to be paid for by the member of staff responsible."

Sign says: "Staff Notice: All Breakages/damages to any stock or property will have to be paid for by the member of staff responsible."

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11.This sign on the bathroom telling employees that they're being timed AND they can't use their phones:

"No cell phone allowed"
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12.This sign telling employees they will no longer be provided water:

"We are no longer able to provide water for the team"
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13.This notice telling employees they could get terminated for using their cell phones:

"Cell phone usage"

Notice says: "The use of cell phones in the workplace is strictly prohibited by all restaurant employees. 'Use' includes any type of communication: text, WhatsApp, social media, email, etc. Employees are NOT allowed to carry or use cell phone (or any other device) during work hours. Phones cannot be kept on their person (their body, in a pocket, apron, shoe, etc.). The use of technology is only allowed during 'break-time' and only then may be used with discretion and courtesy in the front lobby area. Employees will NOT record (audio or visual) anything or anyone at any time related to business/employment/customer matters, etc."

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List of warnings
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14.This sign a boss put up that is very telling of the kind of work environment they create:

"Employess must dry their tears beofre returning to work."
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15.This company policy telling people they can literally never take time off:

A list of days people can't take off work
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16.This new policy that punishes workers for calling out on weekends:

"If you call out on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday it is an automatic suspension for a week."
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17.This sign telling employees that things like "being late for work" are signs of drug abuse:

"Identifying drug abuse in the workplace"

Sign says: "Identifying Drug Abuse in the Workplace. Signs to look for in your fellow employees:

1. Frequent tardiness

2. Unexplained absences from work

3. Frequent trips to the bathroom or vehicle

4. Extended breaks or lunches

5. Avoidance of supervisory contact, especially after breaks or lunch

6. Accidents on or off the job

7. Excessive use of sick leave

8. Many excuses for missed deadlines or incomplete assignments

9. Careless or sloppy work

10. Poor personal hygiene or grooming

11. Unusual weight loss or gain

12. Profuse sweating or change in color (pale, blue, flushed)

13. Strained relationships with coworkers"

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18.And lastly, this sign encouraging employees to do work outside of their job description:

"Never say 'That's not my job.'"
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