18 Great Gifts (That You'll Secretly Want to Keep for Yourself)

Every year, the same sequence of events ensues. Fall comes around, and you know you still have weeks to go before you even start thinking about buying Christmas gifts; then, suddenly, it's mid-December, retailers are advertising their imminent ship-by dates, and you haven't even thought of what to get your nearest and dearest. Sound familiar? Between the end-of-year rush at work and the panoply of holiday parties to attend, it's easy to let this task slip off the to-do list until the very last minute.

If you want to break the cycle and start early this year, we rounded up the perfect Christmas gifts for friends. Because sure, you know you have to buy presents for your immediate family, doorman, and hair colorist, but think about how much your closest pals do for you each year: They support you through everything from breakups to layoffs, they motivate you to hit that workout class every weekend, they listen to your incessant tirades about everything from politics to the Kardashians. If anyone on your list deserves a gift, it's your friends. And who knows? You may even find the perfect holiday gift for Mom or your favorite co-worker, too.

For the Friend Who Works Too Hard

Maggie Wu Celebrate You Self-Care Set ($86)

This self-care set is perfect for helping your friend slow down. Facial rolling de-stresses and calms while the plush silk eye mask ensures uninterrupted sleep.

For the Friend Who Is Pro-Baths

Hudson Made Apothecary Rose Body Wash & Body Milk Duo ($53)

This bath and body set smells divine—with notes of rose, geranium, cinnamon leaf, and patchouli. Better yet, it looks great in a bathroom.

For the Friend Who Dreams of Living Upstate

Otherland Manor House Weekend Candle ($36)

Nothing enhances an evening at home like the soft flicker and scent of a candle. With notes of burnt maple, smoky oud, and vetiver, this one virtually replaces a fireplace.

For the Friend Who Deserves Something Extra Special

Lightbox Lab-Grown Solitaire Studs in Pink ($400)

These gorgeous lab-grown pink diamond earrings will truly wow any girl who loves a little sparkle. They're super special, yet practical for everyday wear.

For the Friend Who Is Moving

Clare V. Lips Keychain ($20)

If your friend is moving to a new home, give them the perfect addition to their new set of keys—they'll think about you every time they open the front door.

For the Friend Who Complains About Winter Skin

Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm ($97)

Aesop's Resurrection hand balm is a lifesaver in winter months (and it smells divine too).

For the Friend With Sartorial Aspirations

Pernille Teisbaek Dress Scandinavian ($25)

This coffee table book comes to you courtesy of one of Denmark's most stylish woman—and teaches you all her best style secrets.

For the Friend Who Loves Face Masks

KNC Beauty All Natural Retinol Infused Eye Mask ($40)

Take your friend's sheet mask game one step further with these retinol-infused eye masks.

For the Friend Who's Part of the Resistance

Lingua Franca Beat the System Sweater ($380)

Any politically inclined person will get a kick out of Lingua Franca's line of socially conscious cashmere sweaters. They're extra cozy too.

For the Friend Who Loves Cooking

Ichendorf Small Oil and Vinegar Cruet ($25)

There is no more stylish way to store your extra-virgin, cold-pressed olive oil than this glass cruet from Ichendorf.

For the Friend Who Could Use a More Compact Wallet

Loeffler Randall Essentials Wallet ($125)

Know someone who can never fit their large wallet in their mini bag? This compact alternative from Loeffler Randall is the ideal size—and it's very chic too.

For the Friend Who Loves Their Skincare Routine

Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream ($60)

Drunk Elephant has become somewhat of a cult brand—one of the few reasons to love this fluffy skin rescue cream. Whipped into an airy blend of six rare African oils, it locks in intense moisture for hours after application.

For the Friend Who Secretly Dreams of Being French

ESYM Parisian Morning Room Spray ($38)

Help your friend wake up to the fresh scent of a Parisian morning with this room spray from ESYM.

For the Friend Who Can't Sleep

Hill House Home Waverly Mini Pillowcase ($68)

Give your friend a reason to hit the hay early with these cheeky Hill House Home pillowcases.

For the Friend Who's Always on a Plane

Slip Embroidered Silk Eye Mask ($50)

Nothing will help you sleep better anywhere—from the plane to the hotel room or your own bed—than a plush Slip silk eye mask.

For the Friend Who Loves to Experiment in the Kitchen

One Kings Lane Speckled Tagine ($69)

Encourage your friend to try Moroccan cuisine at home with this incredibly chic tagine—they may just invite you over for dinner and you'll reap the benefits too.

For the Friend Who Loves a Good Game Night

Cards Against Humanity Game ($25)

Nothing beats Cards Against Humanity when it comes to game night. And if your friend already owns the game, consider getting them an expansion pack to keep the fun going.

For the Friend Who Lives in a Tiny Space

Hasami Porcelain Mug in Grey ($24)

These Japanese stackable mugs are a genius space-saver in tiny apartments with limited storage space. They also look incredibly cool.

For the Friend Who's Always Cold

St. Frank Baby Alpaca Throw ($225)

Nothing beats wrapping yourself up in a soft throw on a cold winter night when you're shivering like a leaf even inside your apartment.

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