18 TV First Kisses That Made Everyone Cheer And Maybe Cry

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1.Nick and Jess — New Girl


This is without a doubt the best TV kiss of all time. No contest. The kiss had been built up all episode but we — and Jess — believed it wouldn't happen until Nick suddenly pulled her toward him and kissed her passionately. It was surprising and oh, so steamy.

2.Simon and Alisha — Misfits


Simon and Alisha were an unexpected pairing that became the best part of the whole series. Their first kiss and subsequent first sex scene was tender, soft, and very, very hot.

3.Fleabag and Hot Priest — Fleabag

Prime Video

The forbidden aspect of the attraction between Fleabag and Hot Priest only made it all the more appealing. Their first kiss leaned into that, happening in the confessional booth, with Hot Priest's iconic command to "kneel" bringing us all to our knees.

4.Jamie and Dani — The Haunting of Bly Manor


The Haunting of Bly Manor is technically a horror show but the love story between Jamie and Dani forms the heart of it and is actually incredibly sweet and romantic. Their first kiss, though, was totally hot.

5.Sookie and Eric — True Blood


Sookie may have been all about Bill for the first few seasons of True Blood but most of us in the audience (especially readers of Charlaine Harris's book series, which the show is based on) were desperate for Sookie to finally give in to her attraction to Eric. When she does, it's well worth the wait.

6.Ross and Rachel — Friends


Friends, and Ross and Rachel's romance in particular, tends to be quite divisive these days but there's no denying their first kiss was incredible. The buildup as Rachel unlocked the door and Ross stood on the other side made it even better.

7.Magnus and Alec — Shadowhunters


There's nothing like the breakup of your own wedding to get you in the mood for kissing someone other than your bride-to-be. Magnus and Alec's relationship was the best part of Shadowhunters, and scenes like this were why.

8.Jane and Rafael — Jane the Virgin


It's swoony, over-the-top, and romantic — exactly what Jane (and the audience) wanted from Rafael.

9.Emma and Hook — Once Upon a Time


The chemistry between Emma and Hook was absolutely sizzling and their banter highlighted why enemies to lovers is one of the most popular tropes. When they kissed, it was satisfying but left us all wanting more. Thankfully, the show delivered.

10.Donna and Harvey — Suits

USA Network

It took seven whole seasons before Donna and Harvey kissed but when they finally did so, it felt just right.

11.Maeve and Isaac — Sex Education


While Maeve and Otis might be the more popular ship, Maeve's intimate scene with Isaac was one of the highlights of Season 3 of Sex Education. Tender, meaningful, and the kind of disability representation that is still too infrequent on our screens.

12.David and Patrick – Schitt's Creek


Everything about David and Patrick's relationship — including their first kiss — was sweet enough to make you cry. Patrick's emotional admission after the kiss that it's his first time with a guy made it even more meaningful.

13.Mindy and Danny — The Mindy Project


Mindy and Danny were clearly meant to be from the very first episode of The Mindy Project. We had to wait until Season 2 before Danny finally made a move and he did so in the most confident and sexy way.

14.Clarke and Lexa — The 100

The CW

Clexa is a sore point for The 100 fans (among many other sore points), but while their brief romance ended horribly, it was incredibly beautiful while it lasted — right from this very first kiss.

15.Luke and Lorelai — Gilmore Girls

Warner Bros

Luke and Lorelai's will-they-won't-they romance ran through Gilmore Girls for four seasons before Luke at last kissed Lorelai, and then Lorelai kissed him right back. It had all the trademarks of their classic, combative chemistry and it was perfect.

16.Alicia and Will — The Good Wife


There were better kisses that followed between these two but this first one was a very good start.

17.Willow and Tara — Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Warner Bros

In the midst of an emotional episode, Tara kissed Willow in an attempt to calm her down, creating a game-changing moment for the show and for many people watching at home. Forget Team Angel or Spike. This was the most important relationship on Buffy.

18.Logan and Veronica — Veronica Mars


Logan and Veronica kissing came out of nowhere but immediately made sense. LoVe forever!

What is your fave first kiss on TV?