18 Best Christmas hampers for 2022—festive treats for you or a loved one

 A composite image of three of the best Christmas hampers for 2022 against a red and gold background
A composite image of three of the best Christmas hampers for 2022 against a red and gold background

The best Christmas hampers available to buy in 2022 are not only filled with delicious foods, moreish treats and great wine, but they also represent excellent value for money no matter what your budget is.

Whether you're looking for the best luxury Christmas hampers from the likes of Harrods, Fortnum & Mason and more, or want an affordable hamper from a trusted British brand like M&S, John Lewis or Selfridges, you will find picks for all price points in our carefully curated list.

As we know that it's what's inside the hampers that really matters and not just how great they look on the outside, we've unwrapped, unpacked and taken a look inside all of the hampers in this list, so that when we say this list represents our pick of the best Christmas hampers for 2022, we really mean it.

As with all the best Christmas food and drink, you'll need to order most of these hampers in advance. Plus, don't be surprised if these sell out quickly this year. Shipping delays, supply chain issues and strikes are forecast to continue into December, so it will pay off to plan ahead and start shopping early.

Where to find the best Christmas hampers in 2022

Best Christmas hampers to buy in 2022

Be it a wicker basket or chic box, these gorgeous hampers will arrive right at your doorstep, leaving you with plenty of treats to enjoy this holiday season.

Before you swipe the card, keep in mind that many companies do not accept returns on short shelf-life or perishable items. So, choose wisely.

Best Christmas hampers under £65

1. The Chocolate & Fizz Gift Hamper

RRP: £30 | Delivery cost: £3.50| Delivery time-frame: 3-5 working days

A great gift to give if you're looking for a Christmas hamper for work colleagues and a festive gift for your neighbours, this little box of treats is generously filled with four different chocolate presents and a mini bottle of Prosecco. All made with the top quality you would expect from M&S.

2. Merry Treat-mas Gift Tin

RRP: £40 | Delivery cost: £5.95| Delivery time-frame: 1-3 working days

Send your loved ones (or enjoy yourself) this luxury tin of festive treats that you can break open before the start of the Holidays. With this bundle, expect to indulge in fudge, irresistibly spicy Winter Shortbread rounds, chocolate biscuits and more. We also value the affordability and quality of Cartwright & Butler products and their 2022 Christmas range is no different.

3. Little Box of Christmas

RRP: £47 | Delivery cost: Free| Delivery time-frame: Nominated day delivery

We tried and tested a range of cheese hampers for this Christmas and Paxton & Whitfield have a range of the very best. A slightly higher price point compared to our top picks from Snowdonia Cheese Company, the incredible quality of Paxton & Whitfield make the products worth every penny - especially if you're gift a true turophile.

4. John Lewis Perfect Pantry Bag

RRP: £50 | Delivery cost: Free | Delivery time-frame: Within 5 days

A traditional hamper featuring everyday essentials, from jams and chutneys, to savoury snacks and cooking sauces. We love that this hamper actually comes in a practical bag that can be re-used instead and the long-shelf life of the contents, meaning it can be enjoyed well past Christmas Day.

5. The M&S Collection Hamper

RRP: £60 | Delivery cost: £4.99 | Delivery time-frame: Nominated day delivery

The M&S Collection Hamper overflows with a bestselling red wine and complementing nibbles including Cornish Cruncher All Butter Biscuits, Sourdough Crackers and Florentines. Plus, the wicker hamper comes with a faux-leather handle and strap for easy carry.

6. Mini Vegan Cheese Board gift box

RRP: £60 | Delivery cost: £5 | Delivery time-frame: 5 day shipping

Merry Vegmas! This mini Selfridges Selection hamper is both festive and ethically made, with none of our furry friends harmed in the process. Discover a delicious Apple, Pear and Plum Chutney, Fig and Apricot Vegan Cheese, oatcakes and organic wine. Plus it comes with a small wooden cheese board too.

7. Luxury Great Taste Hamper

RRP: £60 | Delivery cost: Free| Delivery time-frame: 3-5 working days

Belazu, purveyors of premium, authentic Mediterranean and Middle Eastern products, have brilliant hampers this year for the keen cook of budding chef in your life. This set includes a range of tasty pantry goods with a helpful long shelf-life, including Beldi Preserved Lemons, Tagine Paste and Black Olive Tapenade and Saffron. Instead of hamper, this gift set comes in a smart box that can be recycled – ideal for those that receive gift hampers every year for Christmas and would rather not add yet another wicker basket to their collection.

8. Christmas Eve Snacking Box

RRP: £64.99 | Delivery cost: from £6.99 | Delivery time-frame: Nominated day delivery

Christmas Eve boxes have become a popular trend in recent years with families and small children, but this is a Christmas Eve treat especially for the adults. Enjoy butterscotch popcorn to snack on whilst you watch a festive film or the homemade mince pies to leave out for Santa. The inclusions of both hot chocolate and wine make this a great Christmas gift for the whole family.

Hampers will be available to order from October 1st.

9. Luxury Cheese & Wine Hamper

RRP: £65 | Delivery cost: Free| Delivery time-frame: 1-3 working days

Yes the Snowdonia Cheese Company do cheese (it's all in the name, right?) But they also do a hamper containing fantastic wine, chutney and moreish nibbles to serve with your Christmas cocktails when you have people over.

Our favourite fromage from the Snowdonia Cheese Company? Their award-winning extra mature Black Bomber cheddar. Enduringly popular and award-winning for a reason, you've never tasted a smoother, creamier cheese. Dangerously moreish, we'd buy this hamper just for the cheese (but the other high-quality products are a definite bonus).

Best Christmas hampers between £65 and £100

10. 12 Days of Christmas Hamper

RRP: £80 | Delivery cost: Free | Delivery time-frame: Named day delivery

Paxtpn & Whitfield come out on top in 2022 when it comes to the best Christmas hampers for your cheeseboard. Representing excellent value for the quality of ingredients inside, what we loved about this hamper was the excellently paired cheese, wine, crackers and chutneys, meaning all you need is a suitably discerning cheese board to serve everything on. This hamper makes an excellent gift, but if it were us, we'd be ordering one of these for our own Christmas tables too.

11. The Joy of Wine Experience Home Tasting Kit

RRP: £96 | Delivery cost: Free | Delivery time-frame: 4 day shipping

Less of a hamper in the traditional sense and more of a box of the best wine you've ever tasted, the Wine Society's The Joy Of Wine Experience Home Tasting Kit makes the perfect Christmas gift for the wine curious who would be interested to discover the techniques and pleasures of wine tasting.

The case includes ten specially chosen bottles of wine, including a bottle of Prosecco and Cava as well as Reds and Whites. There are also easy-to-follow instructions and paper for taking notes to make the wine tasting experience easy and fun for both beginners and old hands. We'd personally recommend The Society's Australian Shiraz and The Society's Saar Riesling, but the joy of wine tasting is you'll probably discover your own favourites depending on your tastes and palette.

12. Winter Wonders Christmas Basket

RRP: £76 | Delivery cost: Free | Delivery time-frame: 4 day shipping

A lovely gift for your host or if you're looking for gifts for couples, this Christmas hamper caters for all tastes with both red and white included, as well as a host of festive favourites including mince pies, fruit cake and plenty of chocolate treats.

Available to pre-order from October 1st on Hampers.com

Best luxury Christmas hampers over £100

13. Fine Food Specialist Ultimate Truffle Cheese Board

RRP: £108.95 | Delivery cost: £4.99 | Delivery time-frame: 2-5 days

Delight your favorite turophile with the Ultimate Truffle Cheese Boat by Fine Food Specialist, an online marketplace of top-quality produce and ingredients. This luxe cheeseboard spotlights a unique selection of artisanal cheeses, including Acacia Brie with Truffle and more. This one is hard to beat, whether you're on the hunt for the best Christmas gifts for your husband or Christmas gifts for friends.

14. The Christmas Treat Hamper

RRP: £110 | Delivery cost: £5.95| Delivery time-frame: 3-5 days

Two things come to mind when it comes to Fortnum & Mason: top-quality treats and hampers. This 8-piece bundle combines both. Among popular options, this one is a standout for having a little of everything, like Marc de Champagne Truffles, Christmas pudding, and even a bottle of Claret.

15. Chococo Giant Christmas Hampers

RRP: £110 | Delivery cost: £3.95| Delivery time-frame: 3-5 working days

Started out of a small chocolate shop in Swanage, Dorset, Chococo now ship their sensational and sustainable chocolate all around the UK. We've visited their original chocolate shop and sampled many of the treats inside the hamper and it's packed full of both the brand's best sellers and seasonal chocolate surprises. We love the Dorset honey honeycombe-studded milk chocolate clusters and Spanish candied orange segments smothered in rich Ecuador origin dark chocolate!

16. Panzer's The Christmas Connoisseur Hamper

RRP: £165 | Delivery cost: £5 | Delivery time-frame: 2-5 day shipping

The Christmas Connoisseur is for the foodie with refined taste. Packed with bite-sized treats and savory delights, this hamper offers a wide selection from fine cheese to caviar. The biggest challenge? Saving leftovers. Pre-order yours now, and it'll arrive right before Christmas day.

17. The Luxury Festive hamper

RRP: £168 | Delivery cost: Free| Delivery time-frame: Next day delivery available

The thing we just love about Cartwright and Butler hampers is the incredible quality of their products. And it's not just what's inside the hampers that's premium, but the actual hamper itself exudes luxury, with smart grey leather straps and shiny silver buttons.

This new Christmas food hamper for 2021 contains all of what you'd expect from a 'festive favourites' hamper and more - the best mince pies, Christmas Loaf Cake, moreish cheese crackers and shortbread. Our favorite inclusion of all has to be the Mulled Wine Spice Bags and a bottle of Cielo Del Sur Merlot—so you can brew a warming Christmas drink to enjoy in front of the fire.

18. Fortnum & Mason The Family Christmas Hamper

RRP: £260 | Delivery cost: £5.95| Delivery time-frame: 3-5 working days

Fortnum & Mason is known for their iconic hampers and this offering is undoubtedly one of the best Christmas gifts for parents and kiddos alike. It comes with a bottle of their signature champagne as well as a couple of bottles of wine, accompanied by a showstopping Christmas pudding, several biscuit selections, tea and coffee, chocolate gingerbread men and jars of marmalade, preserve, pickle and cranberry sauce.

How to pick the best Christmas hampers for you this year

The best Christmas hampers are those that will surprise and delight their lucky recipients thanks to their luxurious presentation and, most importantly, the bounty of high-quality products found inside.

A hamper is a great present as it contains a wealth of goods that the person you're shopping for can enjoy during December, or put away in their pantry to re-discover and appreciate next year.

Which Christmas hamper you buy this year will depend on a number of factors including who you are buying for, what your budget is and when you intend to gift or receive it.

If you are looking for the best Christmas hampers to give as a gift, consider the recipient. If you're giving the hamper as a Christmas gift to your dad or a Christmas gift to your grandparents because they prefer practical presents, think about what they would like to eat or drink the most. Would they prefer something they can enjoy straightaway as a festive treat, like chocolate or mince pies and panetone? Or would they prefer to savour the contents and tuck into it over a longer time, and so might appreciate a hamper that includes wine, chutneys or other longer-life goods.

Christmas hampers make a great hostess gift and can be given or sent as a token of appreciation to someone for hosting you for Christmas. If giving a hamper as a gift for your mother-in-law or your host for Christmas day, consider if the contents could form a helpful contribution to the day's meal. For example, one of the fantastic cheese hampers in this list would be a brilliant contribution to the Christmas Day cheese board.

If buying the hamper for yourself, consider how long the hamper will take to arrive and how perishable the goods are inside. If the hamper won't arrive in time for Christmas, or will arrive too soon, the contents may go out of date before you've had a chance to enjoy them.