The 18 Best Bath Towels of 2024: Brooklinen, Cozy Earth, Onsen and More

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There’s nothing better than stepping out of the steaming bath and wrapping yourself up with a perfectly snuggly, soft and absorbent towel. And in the same vein, there’s nothing worse than grabbing a limp, soggy bath towel, which is why we did hours upon hours of research to find the absolute best bath towels on the market in 2024.

Of course, everyone has their towel preferences, which is why we’ve put some of the best brands like Brooklinen, Onsen, Cozy Earth and Boll & Branch to the test to identify which are actually worth your dollars.

Best Bath Towels

The Best Towel Brands

There are so many brands to shop for towels today both in-store and online, but it’s clear that a number of brands on this list stand out for quality. Cozy Earth, Brooklinen, Boll & Branch, Pottery Barn, and Frontgate are among some of the best brands to shop for plush, absorbent towels that will bring the luxury of a spa to your home. Most of the choice comes down to preference, however, including which materials, design, and price you prefer.

Best Material for Bath Towels

While everyone has their own preferences when it comes to bath towels between waffle, plush, and terry, they’re all made from similar fabrics that you’ll need to distinguish between to determine which material is best for your needs. “If you are looking for quality towels that are durable, plush, and absorbent, Egyptian cotton is the material you should look for,” says Parima Ijaz, founder of Pure Parima. “Unlike other cotton, Egyptian cotton contains extra-long staple fibers which give the towels a very soft hand feel without being too stiff or scratchy.”

Carlin Van Noppen, CEO and head interior designer of Fig Linens and Home, also recommends 100% long-staple cotton, “[it’s] extra durable, soft, and absorbent, and for health reasons, it is important to use mostly natural fibers like cotton, instead of synthetics, on your skin.”

Whether you choose 100% long-staple cotton which is found in most of the towels on this list, or Egyptian cotton, you’re bound to have a great towel that will last quite some time.

Most Common Bath Towel Sizes

According to Janet Wischnia, founder of American Blossom Linens, most standard bath towels fall between 20 inches by 40 inches to 30 inches by 60 inches in size. However, some may prefer a larger towel in which case we would recommend a bath sheet, like the Hammam Linen Jumbo Large Bath Sheet Towels included on this list, which tend to be about 35 inches by 60 inches in size.

What towels do most hotels use?

Most hotels prefer to use 100% cotton towels, but some with polyester and cotton blends are thrown into the mix as well since they are easy to wash, keep clean and last longer than others. After all, an abundance of people are using towels every single day, so the less they have to replace them, the better.

How to fold and roll a bath towel

It’s important to change your towels at least once a week according to experts, which means you’ll be washing quite a number of them. If you have backup towels on hand, you’ll need to store them neatly away by either folding or rolling them to avoid wrinkles and to consolidate them for more space. “Lay the towel flat on a surface and fold one-third of it over. Then, fold the other end over the middle section to make a neat rectangle,” recommends Lauren Doss, owner of Nashville Maids. “To roll the towel, simply take hold of each side of the rectangle and roll it up from one end to the other. This will create a neat, compact roll-up that can be stored in many different places.”