17 Spring Reformation Items I'd Buy Even If I Weren't a Fashion Editor

Allyson Payer
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Reformation's wares are hard to resist year-round, but there's no denying that the brand really shines in warm weather, when we can wear beautiful, skin-baring dresses with ease. You'd be hard-pressed to find a brand that does prints and pretty necklines better than Reformation. They consistently crank out new arrivals every Monday and Thursday, so it adds up to a lot of pretty pieces to choose from.

Fashion editors have a reputation for wearing things that may not be all that suitable for everyday life, which is partly true, but most of the time (especially these days), we dress pretty relatably. As evidence, I made a Reformation shopping list for spring and I'd wear everything on it regardless of whether I was a fashion editor or not. There are tons of gorgeous dresses, chic spring sweaters, and loungewear to delight any Reformation fan. Scroll to shop the 17 specific items I'd buy no matter what.

Reformation Gellar Top ($78)

The color of this cardigan is pure 2021.

Reformation Embry Dress ($248)

This is the kind of dress that's made for dressing up or down.

Additional sizes available here.

Reformation Sabrina Skirt ($128)

This skirt will sell out before all the others, trust me.

Reformation Davies Bustier Denim Mini Dress ($178)

Not your average denim dress by any means.

Reformation Isadora Top ($148)

I click on this top at least once a day.

Reformation Winnie Sweater ($168)

Pretty spring sweaters are a closet essential if you ask me.

Reformation Beesley Dress ($218)

Those looks like Bridgerton-era wallpaper, and that's why I love it.

Reformation Colleen Dress ($278)

Same print, different fabric and cut.

Reformation Michaela Dress ($218)

It comes in blue and black too, but I'm partial to it in white.

Additional sizes available here.

Reformation Milo Top ($148)

The perfect winter-to-spring top.

Reformation Pacey Dress ($218)

This perfect little dress speaks for itself.

Reformation Lissa Dress ($278)

An LBD you'll be wearing for years to come.

Reformation Riley Short ($58)

I just bought these sweatshorts and they're perfection (especially if you're on the short side like me).

The Reformation Feta Top ($128)

Wear this if you want compliments.

Reformation Bristol Dress ($218)

A house dress that can also be dressed up in an instant.

Reformation Cynthia Shadow High Rise Long Jeans ($198)

I'm always a sucker for interesting Ref jeans.

Reformation Hailey Two Piece ($128)

This elevated loungewear set is perfect for (slightly) warmer weather.

Reformation Charlton Dress ($218)

I love that the tie on this can be adjusted to customize the fit.

Next up: Reformation's next sell-out top is very Bridgerton.

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